Love Life Advice: Do What You Want For Yourself, Not​ For Love

Hey guys!

I’m back to write a slice of advice for your life based on my life experience, without further ado, here it is:

When you want to do something or to achieve something in your life, make sure you know what you want, what your objective is.

When you already know what you want, tell yourself that you can do it whatever the challenges are.

When you are ready, please do realize that your objective is not to please others or to make someone fall in love with you, DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

When I say do it for yourself, it means you realize what you achieve, no matter how great it is, will not change or affect anybody else but yourself.

If you say, you’d do it for love, it’s not wrong. Love is blind, but don’t sacrifice something for someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s not worth it.

Maybe it’s kinda cliche or something you already heard of, but believe me, when you are in that situation, you don’t realize that you already know.

Good Luck, Guys!!


Mionette Cake and Dining – Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta

A cozy minimalistic place with wooden furniture, great ambiance and the bright atmosphere are what I got when I was just dining in here.

Mionette is located in Ground level, Lippo Mall Puri. You can reach it by going outside from Pull and Bear Lobby and turn left.

We ordered Barramundi Sambal Matah (88k), Truffle Beef Stroganoff Linguine (70k), Steak and Egg (85k), Potato Skin Bruschetta (45k). It was not long before they arrive. We also ordered a cup of white peony tea from Jing Tea and 2 iced black tea.


Barramundi sambal matah came with salad and brown butter rice. The barramundi was well cooked but the Balinese sambal matah was a bit sour for my palate, maybe you should tell the waiters to reduce the amount of lime used. The brown rice was really good. The champion is the salad. I am not a vegetable person, but i could eat everything on the plate.


The truffle Beef Stroganoff Linguine came with a big portion, but according to my friend, it’s a bit bland and too creamy although the big chunks of beef would definitely make it up for it.


The Steak and egg, 150gr. the sliced medium cooked steak came on top of sourdough bread, with a poached egg and salad. A great plating, very pretty.
The beef was quite good and everything else is okay. Nothing really makes us want to order it more


Potato Skin Bruschetta was the champion of the day (3pcs/portion). Tasty flavourful potato skin along with the generous amount egg mayo and smoked beef made my day. I could literally swallow down all three alone.


They also part of Common Ground groups which has a good rep. I will go back again to taste more of their cakes and teas. This is definitely a great place for high tea time.

Mionette Cakes and Dining
Lippo Mall Puri @St. Moritz, Ground Level, Jakarta
9 am to 11 pm 
Cost for two: around Rp. 250.000,-


The Poem: My Lost Love

” You have done your best, My Love, Goodbye.”

I am back with my new poem titled “My Lost Love”. You can play the music video below so you can get the feeling while reading my poem.


Thinking back to​ when you are by my side
I can still feel the touch of your hand on my cheek
I can still remember your hands that wipe my tears
I can still remember your loving stare that completes my world

Thinking back on​​ our memories together with these unshed​ tears
While watching the night sky, trying to wash away all these memories
Your sweetness, Your warmth, Your voice, Your everything
I could not

I tried to be mad at you
I could not
I tried to hate you
I could not

I just cared too much
I tried everything to let you go
but I could not
How could you be so heartless?

I could not even say “I Love You” for the last time
You breathed your last breath without even thinking of me
I am not okay, I miss you in every breath I take
But I believe we will meet again, one day

You have done your best,
My Love, Goodbye​

3 Lessons Learned in Mourning Time

Nothing would ever come from something easy, Be Strong! At least, that is something that people would say when we are struggling with our problems. They say that just to console us and make us stronger. That’s a good thing to do, but there’s no changing in us even after we heard that for quite several times. You are still grieving because of your problems.

I’ve just lost my father recently. He passed away in my room, my Mom was shocked to find he had fallen to the floor breathless. It was all happening so suddenly, without any words, without any signs, death just took him like that. Until now, I still couldn’t believe it, I’m still denying it until last friday. I heard sermon from my pastor, “Dead man would never come back or remain in this world as a spirit, for he will be in the third layer of heaven waiting for the judgement day. Everyone of us will be there too when we dead as a decent man.” Learning about this, me and my mother decided to stop grieving because we believe that we all three will all meet again someday and life goes on. Survival is the most important thing for the two of us now.

This is what I learn from my mourning time:

  1. Love your parents when they are alive. You have only one chance, one life to make them happy because when we failed to do that, regret will always come later. When it comes, everything will already be late. We, humans, always do this thing no matter how much we already heard about this or even watch some emotional videos about loving our parents. Sad but true.
  2. When I see the love around me, people who love me and my family, who dedicated his/her weekend to come and help serving guests at the funeral house, I was touched. Suddenly, I felt that my days are going to be better in the future because there are still a lot of people, young and old that love me and my Mom so much. Hence, I would like you all to believe, even it’s like no one loves or cares about you, I want you to know, there is and there will be, so hang in there.
  3. The most important thing isn’t filling your life with the idea of being left by someone but rather making sure that your future will still remain bright and as you hope for. You will walk your life happier than ever. Don’t cling on to the grief but learn to let it go. Trust me, it will make your grief gradually gone and when you think back someday, you’ll just get the hint of missing them but not making you powerless throughout the day. This too shall pass.

Hopefully, this will help and remind you that although our beloved person has passed away, our life still goes on and it’s up to you to make it right.

The Poem: My Brightest Star Pt. 3

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