Leadership: The Lion and The Porcupine

Leadership: The Lion and The Porcupine
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“Guys, are you afraid of your superiors?”

I know most of you are outraged when I ask this question to you. You will all probably be like “Are you out of your mind, huh? I’ll never be afraid of my boss”, but deep down, somewhere inside there, you know, you are still afraid of your boss.

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Fashion Tips For Men: Quit Being Smelly

(Updated) Fashion Tips For Men: Quit Being Smelly- Read it on my blog: andrewwiradinata.wordpress.com

Do you know what people notice first when a person is passing by, talking to you, or standing beside you? Your smell. Do you like being in a close distance with smelly people? I don’t think so.

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Cacaoté Patisserie, Brasserie, & Bar – Senopati, Jakarta

Cacaoté Patisserie, Brasserie, & Bar – Senopati, Jakarta

On these days, who doesn’t know Cacaote? It was a hip place and continue to be a popular place to dine or to satisfy your thirst for super delicious sweet desserts. It’s also a place to hangout with your lover, families, parents if you sick of entering shopping malls.

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