Cacaoté Patisserie, Brasserie, & Bar – Senopati, Jakarta

Cacaoté Patisserie, Brasserie, & Bar – Senopati, Jakarta

On these days, who doesn’t know Cacaote? It was a hip place and continue to be a popular place to dine or to satisfy your thirst for super delicious sweet desserts. It’s also a place to hangout with your lover, families, parents if you sick of entering shopping malls.

Cacaote Pattiserie, Brasserie, & Bar is located in Senopati Road No. 80, Jakarta facing Amber. It’s my first time here after listening to my friends blabbering about some cool places to dine in Senopati. Usually, I don’t go to Senopati because it’s far from my home and usually it’s packed with people and cars in weekends. Today, I made up my mind to come here to see what is so special about this place. I tried to find a place to park my car until I see a Valet signboard outside Cacaote. I gave up and finally let the staff park my car. You have to pay around 20 thousand rupiahs as valet fee.

From the outside, everything looked normal and regular. The moment I opened the entrance, my eyes were spoiled. The place was so dreamy and it looked like a classy cafe in japanese manga. The interior design, decoration, and furniture are totally romantic and have a classy vibe. Here are some spoilers, don’t you think it’s beautiful?

IMG_1077IMG_1078  IMG_1084

I let myself walk towards the glass stalls and I saw delicious cakes ranging from tart, eclairs, etc. I can’t help myself and ordered three cakes just for me. It’s around 40-50K per slice but I tell you, it’ll worth it.

IMG_1101A glorious fruit tart was my favorite of all because it was not sweet. The kiwi, peach, strawberries, and dragon fruits were so tasty. The cream and the crunchy tart were also brilliant. This will be in my must-order list the next time I come here.


The second one is Tropical. This was mainly made from white chocolate mousse or cream and the inside was filled with mango cream which was so sour. The sourness of the mango made this cake much more convenient to eat, because it’s so sweet and without the mango cream, I wouldn’t be able to eat it until the last slice. So thoughtful.


The last one was Lychee Vanilla Tart. Basically It’s the same tart as the fruit tart but it’s topped with vanilla cream and three lychees. Maybe it’s not the prettiest, but It’s quite yummy. The vanilla cream itself was not too sweet hence I liked it.

After I satisfy my urge to eat those pretty cakes, I ordered a soup called Lemongrass Bisque. It’s bisque, so it’s a rich creamy soup mainly contains white clams, cute tiny baby lobster, and glazed fennel. The fennel was so tasty as the soup itself. Fyi, Fennel was a yellow-flowered european plant from the parsley family. If you like cream soup, this one is for you.


While waiting for the main courses to come, we were given complimentary bread and butter. You should try the tomato bread which mainly made from tomato sauce. Sounds weird, huh? but trust me, it’s shockingly delicious. We also ordered beverages like Green Hilton Virgin (the best ever), Strawberry Honey, and Green Fruit & Honey. I tell you what, they are one of the best juices I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not exaggerating.


I ordered Roasted Duck Breast and Leg Confit. It’s photogenic. The caramelized carrot was as tasty as the duck itself.


The next menu is Barramundi. Beside the poached Barramundi topped with fried potatos, the platter was filled with pan-fried harissa squid, tomato vierge, potato scales, and french beans. The fish was so tender, I recommend you to try this dish if you are more of a fish-person.


The hero of the day was the pan-roasted chicken. The chicken meat was so tender and delicious. The platter was filled with pipérade purée, baby vegetables, soft quail eggs, and completed by chicken jus. The food decoration was totally gorgeous, it’s a photogenic menu. You should take a photo before you savor it.


The price of the main courses was not too high compared to their competitors. Because of the perfect taste, you won’t even think twice about the price when you pay, it’s really worth it. You have to prepare around 200-300K per person to dine here. I recommend you to come not on the dining hour such as lunch and dinner because the place will be packed and not on Saturday. Sunday afternoon was the best time to avoid the crowd on weekends.

There was actually the bar in the second floor, but I don’t go upstairs because the upper floors are smoking areas. In the end, it’s a place you would think of every time you want to eat great food and perfect cakes.

P.S. All photos are taken by me and if you use instagram, you could follow me @raid_insecret. ^^

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