Fashion Tips For Men: Quit Being Smelly

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Do you know what people notice first when a person is passing by, talking to you, or standing beside you? Your smell. Do you like being in a close distance with smelly people? I don’t think so.

Men usually produce more sweats than women because men tend to do heavier tasks. Some of us smoke cigarettes. Those activities will produce an awful body odor or lingering smell. According to Elite Daily, women hate stinky men, they demand you to wear nice perfume 24/7 not a cheap cologne. It is one of the first things a woman notices.

I believe all of you want to smell nice near your dearest girl. Here’s top 5 perfume for men that I picked up and suggest for you guys:

1. Davidoff Cool Water (USD 30)


This is a perfume that every guy should try. It has a light fresh, clean, aquatic smell. Top notes include mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander, and rosemary. The heart notes include geranium, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood. The base is composed of cedar wood, musk, amber and tobacco. It was created by Pierre Bourdon in 1988. It’s a perfect perfume for your everyday use. The smell isn’t too strong but believe me, girls dig it. You can buy it here.

2. Bleu De Chanel (USD 120)


This perfume is more masculine than the previous. It has a strong and fresh citrusy smell. The fragrance features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper. I would recommend it to the professionals who usually go on meetings. You can buy it here.

3. Burberry London Classic For Men (USD 74)


Burberry never cease to amaze me with their perfume line. Burberry London Classic for men was launched in 1995 and regarded as one of their classics. The Middle notes are sandalwood, jasmine and cedar. The base notes are musk and vanilla. It has some calm, woody, classy, and smart smell to it, not that I can smell smart and classy, but it triggers that feeling upon the first trial. This one is for you who loves to socialize with well-known and upper class people. You can buy it here.

4. Burberry Brit Rhythm For Men (USD 80)


Burberry Brit Rhythm is one of strongest and long-lasting perfume of all and it’s only an EDT perfume. To my experience, it could last until 18 hours a day, even after you wash your hands with soap and water, the smell still remains. It was launched in 2013, so it’s a new fragrance. It smells like crisp, sharp, masculine, and has some powdery smell to it. Top notes are basil, verbena, cardamom and juniper berries. The middle notes are leather, patchouli and styrax. The base are cedar, incense and tonka bean. I would recommend it to you who likes to give off some edgy rock rebelling feeling. You can buy it here.

5. Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani For Men (USD 70)


Acqua di Gio is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner. It reflects the breeze, the sun, citrus, herbal, and has woody smell to it. It’s like one of the best perfume of all. Top notes include orange, lime, mandarin orange, jasmine, bergamot, neroli. The middle notes are sea notes, peach, lavender, jasmine, cyclamen, nutmeg, freesia, violet, rosemary, rose, calone. The base notes are amber, patchouli, oakmoss, cedar, white musk. I would recommend it to all of you guys who read this article for everyday use. You can buy it here.

Cheat Code: If you live in Jakarta, all of these perfumes can be purchased at Metro Department Store, Sogo Department Store, and Sephora. The price of these perfume are usually cost a lot more than 1 million IDR but they usually offer promotional price at Metro and Sogo Department Store.

My suggestion is that you should choose one perfume that will become your signature.

Credit: fragrantica (photos), Business News Daily 

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