Leadership: The Lion and The Porcupine

Leadership: The Lion and The Porcupine
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“Guys, are you afraid of your superiors?”

I know most of you are outraged when I ask this question to you. You will all probably be like “Are you out of your mind, huh? I’ll never be afraid of my boss”, but deep down, somewhere inside there, you know, you are still afraid of your boss.

For me, there are two types of superiors that I have encountered, The Lion and The Porcupine. I will elaborate them in a simple manner.

The Lion


If your superiors are commanding you to be punctual, error-free, more perceptive, your superiors might be a lion-type. They will bombard you with constant fear in order to control you. Tons of regulations and restrictions will be rolled out constantly or periodically. They demand you to prepare better and better feast in each meeting or else, you are the feast. Usually, you have already build a barrier between them and yourself. If there is any unfortunate event happens in the future, you will know what to expect and you will be ready by then. Fear will be your greatest enemy.

The Porcupine


Unlike the lion, the porcupine seems to be a better type. Hold on! are you sure? Porcupine might be cutest little thing you want to cuddle with, but beware when they flip out. This type of superiors never bind you with irritating or immature restrictions but when you don’t do things as you’re told, prepare to be pierced profoundly and it’ll damage you tremendously. You will never forget this moment in your life because you never expect them to do that, you will be vulnerable by then. Bitterness will blossom in your heart.

So which type of superiors do you prefer to have? Lion or Porcupine? or maybe, at the moment you have both? Tell me.

Credit (photos): thebaconandicecreamblog.com, youngwildlifestyle

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