Oh La La Café – Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Hey guys! It’s been a long time I haven’t write on this blog. So here it goes.

Last week, I went out with some friends to Plaza Indonesia and we actually got tired after walking around for hours. We decided to stop by this café called Oh La La Café. It’s not located in an outlet, so the space of the cafe is basically the sides of 2nd Floor escalators. It’s located between Sephora, Ben Sherman, and Victoria Secret Outlet. It’s a strategic place I would say.


We sat down and ordered some food and drinks to share since we already had our lunch and it’s not time for dinner either. We called the waiter and he gave us the menu. The menu book was rejuvenated, it’s totally different from last year. A whole new menu, yayy!! Bonjour!!


The first drink we ordered was Haute Couture (38K).


It’s a three colored fruit drink. It’s interesting to see the three colors didn’t mix up easily. I needed the green one more, I mentally screamed to the waiters. It’s quite refreshing but prepare some ice for it’s so sweet.

The second drink we ordered was Hot Cafe Latte (37K). It’s not outrageously good but it’s quite good compared to the popular coffee shops.


For the food, we ordered Classic Burger (68K). It consists of beef patty, burger bun, tomato, gherkin, onion, and melted cheese.


Okay, let’s be honest! it’s not the best burger in the town, but it’s quite good. The bun was just OK, the melted cheese was not melted to which I was disappointed. The beef patty was quite good. The chips was the tastiest of them all. It’s literally yummy and crunchy. The presentation of the food was good though.

Overall, the food is quite nice. It’s the place where you can rest after hours of shopping. Actually, there are many more menus that are available at this café. Maybe you guys could try and tell me which menu is the yummiest of them all. Bon Appetit.

All the photos are taken by me, so if you guys are interested to see my captured moments, please follow me on Instagram: raid_insecret

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