Mental & Emotional Corner: It’s So Hard to Forgive

Some people might have the luxury to be able to forgive someone in days, but others could take months, years, decades, or never. -Andrew Wiradinata (Author)

It’s been a hard month but finally, I urge myself to comeback and write something. Today, I am making a new topic called Mental & Emotional Corner. In this corner, I will try to write about all kind of things related to mental and emotional state of a human. Maybe you guys will find this as a boring topic but this is one of the most important part of a human life and you should know.

This time I will write about the forgiveness. Could you guys differ forgiveness from only sorry?

People can say sorry to you and you receive them politely but actually, inside your heart you haven’t forgive them. Sorry is only like formality kind of thing, but forgiveness comes from your conscience. You might not want to talk to or see them again after they say sorry, but there is much bigger opportunities to reconcile after they ask for your forgiveness.

“To forgive means to give up resentment of or claim to requital for” (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Is it easy to forgive? No, it really isn’t. It’s damn hard. The deeper people hurt you, the longer it’ll take time heal. If the people who hurt you were your closest one, then the wounds would be much deeper than you could ever imagine. Sometimes, It’s almost impossible to forgive those persons. You will find yourself blinded by the sorrow.

Maybe on the outside, you could smile and laugh like nothing ever happened, you could just wear a mask of the pretenders. No one would ever know about this. But when you come back from your work, you will find it hard to find courage to step into the house, because you will see the person who hurt you. You think you could run from your house, but you doesn’t find any courage to do that too because you don’t have any money or house or anything. Most people wants to end their life too because they don’t want to be hurt ever again. That’s totally understandable.

But do you ever think what’s the after effects of your suicide?

Your parents might end their life to or at least their life become miserable. Your spouse might cry everyday and end their life too. Your brother or sister would feel so guilty that their life slowly become miserable too. Your grandparents might die of heart attacks. Your best friends might have a hole in their heart because you are gone forever. I don’t even have to write longer about the chains effects it might cause, it’s so fatal.

Do you still want to do those suicidal activities? Please don’t. God create you for a purpose, not only as a pawn in His chess board. You just haven’t realize it yet.

Try to endure and endure and endure and pray to God. If you can’t contain it anymore, lock your room, cry hard, it’ll make you better. Please only tell your story to those whom you believe the most, who would feel your hurt, who won’t take sides, who might give you solutions. Don’t tell the story to anyone because it will become gossip and you would even be more hurtful than before. You could also take a vacation to somewhere serene and scream as hard as possible, complain as you like, it’ll make your burden much lighter. The other solution is to ask God to let you forgive them who hurt you like He forgive you for what you have done to Him. Find some time to pray alone in solitude.

To Forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. -Lewis B. Smedes

Some people might have the luxury to be able to forgive someone in days, but others could take months, years, decades, or never.

Credit: Merriam Webster, Pranicheallingpen

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