Mental & Emotional Corner: The Pain

“The Pain”

Written by: Andrew Wiradinata

When it’s a dead end

You suffocate,

You can’t breathe,

Your body become powerless,

Your hope dim its light,

Your thoughts become negative.

It is dark,

No way out for you,

No one could help you,

Your heart is screaming but no one can hear it,

You feel striking pain in your chest,

You thought that this is the worst day of your life,

A life without the warmth of a soul,

You feel like dying,

How many times you would choose death over life,

How many times the healed wounds and scars are opened again,

Wider and wider, it starts to make me feel numb,

I am literally screaming to God in my mind,

I ask Why over and over again,

I can’t say a word to other people,

I thought I have to face it myself.

The world has became crueler and wicker than ever,

People would never be afraid to touch your open wounds,

Friends become enemy, but never the enemy become friends,

Now, you’re thinking why you were born on this very planet,

Where people would kill each other for their own sake,

It is bounded to become worse.

You could be an angel among devils,

But not very long,

until you become another devil.

It’s the truth,

Your pain won’t be over soon,

Unless you start a new life,

Tragically, the end remains the same.

Speak your minds to God,

He knows every grievance you possess,

He will love you endlessly,

 just like the pain that will never subside in this world.

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