MOKKA, Cabana Coffee – Pluit Village

There was this coffee shop in Pluit Village Mall that my father mentioned to me before, it’s called Mokka, Cabana Coffee. Wow, Cabana. I was like remembering tunes from Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana”. I know it’s probably not related but it popped up from my mind instantly.

If you never come to this mall before, this cafe is hidden from the inside of the mall. It’s located on 1st floor, on the upper side of the Starbucks. When I entered this cafe, I was like “Wooo, vintage, cool thing”. I was impressed with the interior design, it has this vintage vibe. There were two parts of the cafe, outdoor for smoking area and indoor for non-smoking. Enough with the wishy washy, let’s get the visual.



It wasn’t big, but it was comfy and quiet. I liked the vintage properties that were scattered inside the cafe.


We just had our lunch, hence we decided to only try their Green Tea Frappe (35K) and their Mokka Cheese Burger (55K). When I looked at the menu, I was reminding myself, for this kind of price, the taste won’t be that good. But I was wrong, the green tea frappe was not too sweet and I liked it. The Mokka Cheese Burger was actually good, the bun was fresh, the patty was delicious, the salad was good, and the fries was professionally fried.




It’s a great place to chillax. I’ll definitely comeback here to try their other menu.

Photos are all taken by the author.

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