Gardens by the Bay – Marina Bay, Singapore

Hello guys, I’ve just came back from vacations. In 2 weeks time, I’ve gone to lots of new and cool places, but I’ll write them one by one, so don’t miss out for the next posts.

I’ll start with the great great Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. It’s located just behind the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, even if you don’t know the exact address, everyone will know about it. So, following my fellow friends who had gone there like years ago, I’ve just had time recently to explore this garden, though I often go to Singapore for family matters.

Before I show you the photos of Garden by The Bay, I will give you glimpse of this garden from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

IMG_3530 copyIMG_3538


Then I went a little bit higher to 57th floor, Sands Skypark, to get some pictures.



At the afternoon we decided to go to the Gardens. After we blindly searched the way to go to the lion bridge, we asked the staff and they told us the way. You should go out from either Tower 1 or Tower 3 and make your way to the pavement beside the hotel just across the shoppes. There is an elevator to go up unto the 6th floor known as the lion bridge that connects the shoppes, the hotel, and the gardens. Unfortunately, we headed to the wrong directions but I still took some photos.




We turned our way to the real lion bridge that connects the hotel and the gardens.


You can see the Singapore Flyer (Ferris Wheel) and the flower dome from here.




I was afraid that it would get dark so quickly and I paid for the entry tickets to the dome, so I rushed to the Flower Dome first and then to the Cloud Forest.


At the entrance of the flower dome, you can see backlite neon boxes filled with pictures of flowers. It was quite crowded so I couldn’t take photos of all neon boxes. The first thing I realized when I stepped into the flower dome was this place is so cold. Basically, this is indoor gardens with air conditioners. How’s that sounds like? Cool huh?


The lower part of the dome filled with colorful flower beds, while the upper part contains trees and cactus. I managed to capture some plants, check it out.



























Then we made our way to the Cloud Forest, it was 7pm and I was terrified that it would get to dark to capture and my guess was right. I only captured a little photos from this dome. It starts with windy, wet, and chilly entrance because of the man-made waterfall. I tell you what, this place was so magical. You have to feel it by yourself.


We made our way to deeper part of the dome and we found elevator to the 6th floor where we could experience the sky walk. It’s terrifying because I was afraid of heights.


The skywalk will lead you to this stalagmites cavern that displays types of stalagmites. Since i’m not into this kind of thing and it’s already dark, I passed it by just like that.



You will find escalator that will guide you to a room with large screen and play short films about environment. Then we made our way to the fossil and secret garden that are located behind the waterfall. Too bad, the lighting was very low and I couldn’t capture any photos of them.

I thought that at the noon the sun would be too hot for us to travel to these domes, but if you go to the gardens around 5pm because you think it will get cooler by then, then you are wrong. 3pm will be a great time to start walking from the hotel. We spent two quick hours for the domes only, finished at 8pm.

I will try to come again but only for the gardens, not the domes. Prepare your feet because there exists a great distance between the mall or the hotel to the domes. I was so tired that I had to soak my feet in hot water. Girls, don’t even think of wearing heels, you will literally break your ankles. I had a great time in the gardens. The domes’ ticket for foreigners will be around S$ 28 dollars, you could purchase them from their website.

Stop thinking too much and visit this garden, but you have to check the schedule for the domes’ scheduled maintenance on the website. Have a nice trip.

All photos were taken by me. If you want to use the photos, don’t forget to put the credit. You can follow my instagram: raid_insecret for more pictures.

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