Fashion tips for Men: Change Your Wardrobe!

Hi Guys, It’s been three weeks or more, I don’t even remember, since my last post. It’s been a busy busy weeks for me and on the weekend I could just lie on the bed reading something because I’m that exhausted. Okay, so, this week I will try to change your mind from MAN to TODAY’S FASHIONABLE MAN according to my point of view with thewe short tips.

I know we all find it boring to wear a formal shirt and pants to work on weekdays but I find some people might have been too comfortable for wearing the same outfit on weekend when they spend their time with their friends and families. If you happened to be one of them, then this is perfect for you. This won’t make you look neither like clown or a runway model, but just a fashionable man.

1. Shirt

Some of you might have a shirt like this.


This is not 90’s guys, so get over it. Start exchanging this kind of shirt with the new style with contemporary motive and not so big sleeves. You don’t have to open three buttons of your shirt just to feel manlier, it’s just so last decade. You could try to wear slim fit version only if you don’t have fat bellies, otherwise choose bigger size but not oversized.


or if you are more of a t-shirt man then you would want to go with some thing like this


2. Pants

If you still have that baggy jeans or you wear that cloth pants all the time, you could try skinny jeans or colorful chinos to make you feel more cheerful but still fashionable. Start observing everybody when you go to shopping centre, you could find more example of how the fashion has changed.

Don’t be afraid to change, because once you feel confident, what you wear will only boost your appearance not trample your confidence. – AWD



3. Accessories

If you like to wear watch with the metal strap then you could try to change it by wearing something like Daniel Wellington and compliment it with accessories like bracelet from Miansai. Black and brown are the classic color, you could spice it up with red or blue to give a bolder look.


4. Outerwear

Sometimes, we think that we won’t need outerwear, but it’s wrong, even in the summer, you need an outerwear. It’s all about what outerwear you want to wear. You could choose thin cardigan in the summer or trench coat in the rest of the seasons. Outerwear will compliment your appearance by a lot, I mean a whole lot. Burberry has a amazing collection of trench coat with a great quality, you could start from there.



5. Shoes

Tired of wearing those formal shoes everyday? Start change your shoes wardrobe with sneakers, but sport shoes isn’t one of them so please don’t ever wear sport shoes outside of gym or training hours. That era has passed, now is the era for a slip on, moccasins, or leather sneakers. Try to choose classic color such as black and brown, then if you like how you wear it, you could purchase colorful ones.


Tyson High top sneakers from Givenchy is my ultimate love. It’s damn expensive but if you have the money, you could try this along with the slip-on sneakers.


Some of people would like to wear more simpler sneakers not the ones with the print and stars, then you could choose to wear this Saint Laurent Low Top Sneakers or moccasins from Tod’s


Tods Men Gommino Soft Leather Shoes With Farrari Logo Black 05

I know all the items I listed above are from the high fashion label and branded items, but usually men buy expensive things and wear them for like 3 years or more, so it’s worth it.

We don’t have to be ordinary, try to change, don’t be afraid, and soon you will be a confident fashionable man.

Credit: Burberry, Tods, YSLTumblrGivenchyDaniel Wellingtonmrjasongrantasosdenimblog, lyst

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