Fashion Tips for Men: Go Get Your Clutch!

Fashion Tips for Men: Go Get Your Clutch! Read it at

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Job Satisfaction

Do you feel satisfied in your current job?

Every human has never been satisfied with everything in their life, they always want more. It’s not wrong at all, everyone deserves better life, including you. It’s not easy to have satisfaction in every sector of our life. In this post, I want to talk about job satisfaction. I know this is a common topic but I want to share it from my perspective.

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The Last Pamphlet – The Story of Father’s Love

The Last Pamphlet – The Story of Father’s Love

I’ve been so blessed in many ways in my life, but this morning, I got a magnificent story from my pastor. I could say this story was a life-changing one, at least for me. The story is called “The Last Pamphlet”.

This story tells us that our life is not ours to decide; in terms of life and death. It’s our God’s decision.

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