The Last Pamphlet – The Story of Father’s Love

The Last Pamphlet – The Story of Father’s Love

I’ve been so blessed in many ways in my life, but this morning, I got a magnificent story from my pastor. I could say this story was a life-changing one, at least for me. The story is called “The Last Pamphlet”.

This story tells us that our life is not ours to decide; in terms of life and death. It’s our God’s decision.

So, this is the story. I paraphrased it.

One Sunday, after the morning service, the pastor and his 11-years old son would go around the town to hand out evangelic pamphlets to the residents. It is their routine. One Sunday afternoon, the sky was dark and it was raining outside. The child called his father, “Dad, It’s time to hand out the pamphlets, let’s go!”.

“I would not go out in a weather like this, it’s pouring down heavily outside.” His father replied.

“But Dad! will people not go to hell?” His son asked bluntly.

“Son, I’m not going out when it’s cold like this.”

The boy looked sad and asked, “Dad, would you please let me go out and hand out the pamphlets?”

His father hesitated for a bit and said, “Here you go son, take care!”

The boy walked around the town and went door to door to give the pamphlets. He walked for two hours in the rain. He was soaking wet but there is one pamphlets left. He looked around the street, but no one was there, the street was deserted. He went to the first house he saw and rang the bell, but no one answered. He rang the bell again, but again no one came out. He waited a bit but there is no one there. He turned his back and was going to leave the house, but something stopped him. He turned back to the door and rang the bell. This time he knocked the front door even louder. Something was keeping him on that porch. He rang again and the door opened. He saw an old lady came out and looked very sad.

She asked, “What can I do for you son?” She saw a boy with radiant smile that lit up her world.


“So..sorry mam if I’m disturbing you, but I just want to say that Jesus loves you very much and I’m here to give you our last pamphlets which will tell you about Jesus and his love.” The smiling boy turned his back to leave.

The old lady said, “Thank you son, may God bless you.”

The next Sunday, his father, the pastor asked the congregation, “Does anyone have something to share this morning?”

An elderly lady stood up and began to speak with a magnificent smile transcended her face.


“Nobody knows me in this church, I’ve never been here before. Last Sunday I was not a Christian. My husband passed away for sometime ago and leaving me completely alone. Last Sunday, in a cold and rainy day, I decided to end my life. So I took a chair and rope to the attic. I started to tie the rope and I stood up on the chair feeling so lonely and broken hearted. I was so ready to jump off the chair but the door bell rang and startled me. I thought that the bell would stop ringing and whoever it is will eventually go away, but the sound of the bell became louder and louder. Then, someone started to knock on the front door very loudly. I thought no one ever came to see me for a long time, who could it be. So i loosened the rope and went to the door. As I opened the door, I saw a boy with the most radiant and angelic smile I’ve ever seen in my life. I could never describe how he spoke to me and brought my heart back to life. He said to me that Jesus loves me very much. I closed the door and read every words on this pamphlet. I took my chair and the rope from my attic as I won’t need them anymore, I am now the daughter of the King of Glory. I personally came to thank that little angel who came at the right time to save me from spending my life eternally in hell.” The elderly lady ended her speech as the congregation praised the Lord and applauded very loudly.

The pastor came down from the stage and sobbed as he held up his son. No church has ever had such a touching moment. That is the story of The Father’s love for all of his son. He sent His only child to this cold and dark world, then He welcomed back His Son as all of the heaven shouted praises (John 3:16).  May all of you be blessed with this story. Happy Sunday!

credit: Youtube, BrookeAllen, Lifehack

15 thoughts on “The Last Pamphlet – The Story of Father’s Love

  1. Yeah, i was moved when i read it. A very inspiring story about how faith can make someone better, have a better hope, and a reason to live.




      1. Beliving stories like that is naive, gullible and actually can be quite harmful. Fortunately when it comes to New Testament we are on good historical grounds as for example the fact that Jesus was a real historical figure is universally accepted and also Jesus crucifixion is one of the best attested facts of ancient history


  3. iv been greatly touched..this is the countless time im reading and listening to the last palmphlets…may those who get to learn it be blessed as i am.

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  4. Did you ever find out if it is a true story? We produced a film project about Down syndrome. 7 Year Old Carter Dertin has Down syndrome and was playing with his mothers cell phone and “accidentally” called someone who had just taken an overdose of pills to end her life. God used Carter to save the woman’s life. It is the interview titled “Boy with Down syndrome conceived in rape.”


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