Job Satisfaction

Do you feel satisfied in your current job?

Every human has never been satisfied with everything in their life, they always want more. It’s not wrong at all, everyone deserves better life, including you. It’s not easy to have satisfaction in every sector of our life. In this post, I want to talk about job satisfaction. I know this is a common topic but I want to share it from my perspective.


Job satisfaction could be triggered by pay raise, passion, environment, facilities, and there’s so much more to it and I can’t mention it one by one.

There is no one who doesn’t like when their boss raise their salary, but if you don’t enjoy your job, it’s kind of plain to receive a pay raise or promotion. Maybe some of you would rather get a new position in a new job field according to your passion than receive a non significant pay raise or promotion. My acquaintance shared his story to me, there are people who are fed up with non significant pay raise and the company didn’t place him in a right spot, so the talent goes as a waste. He couldn’t channel his passion at the project he worked on. Depressed and resigned. The company tried some ways to stop him but it’s too late.

If you have many subordinates, please take time to read their profiles once in a while, one by one and ask them about their current job. Do they need something more beside pay raise? If you put yourself in their shoes, do you feel satisfied? Do you enjoy your job? Some people might not enjoy their current job, but as a boss, you could place him in his desired field so he could channel his passion and do the best for the company. Call them to have a chit chat with you outside working hours while sipping your coffee, then you could listen to what they would say. Maybe most of them feel stuck in their position and they are not enjoying their job anymore for thousand reasons.

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Environment could be another factor that affects job satisfaction. Would you rather have a cold headed colleagues and boss or the hot headed one? I feel the working environment could shape or brainwash a person. The working culture will soon be your new culture, you might not be aware of it. It could change you hopefully to be a better person or maybe a worse person. So, before you move from one company to another, do a research about their culture before it’s too late. Some forums might tell you about the company culture.

Some of my friends told me that facilities are a strong reason why they would not move to another company. Many of them receive monthly supplies of products for free, almost unlimited medical support for them and for their family, bonuses, and many more. But is it significant to your career advancement?

There is a thing called fulfilled life and job satisfaction is one part of it. My advice for you, move from one company to another when you can. You could learn everything new about something and something new about everything.

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One thought on “Job Satisfaction

  1. As long as you are still young, never be afraid to pursue your passion or career you desired. Because if you didn’t, when you get older, you will regret all the chances that you didn’t take while you were young.


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