Leadership: The Snake and The Dove



This one is kind of hard to answer, I know. You will think that your superiors are not your family or even friends, so they won’t think much about you, they would just meet you at the office everyday as superiors. Maybe they don’t even know a tiny bit of your life and honestly, most of them don’t even care. But hold on, some of your superiors are maybe your best friends that might want to listen to your problems, even about your personal life.

Beside The Lion and The Porcupine, I have also seen other types of superior so far, The Snake and The Dove. I will elaborate them in a simple manner.


If your superiors are always giving you ear candy with their words and promises, beware, they might be the snake type. They will always praise you with an unnecessary compliments, always smoothly approve everything, but once you make a mistake and humiliate them in front of their superiors because of your work, they will turn their back and bite you with toxic venom that will ruin your perspective about them. You might lose your trust and respect in them. You will feel disappointed and find it hard to trust people; even with your new superior who doesn’t have any part in this. It’s bound to be a habitual pattern of not trusting people who is kind to you.


This type of superior is so damn rare, you will find them only by God’s grace and by luck. Seriously, you won’t find many superior like this. They won’t praise you as much as the snake type, they won’t always approve everything you do, but there is always logical reason why they don’t approve your work. No curse will fly your way, but they will only reprimand you necessarily. They will consider you as a partner in a team, not underlings. They will understand about your situations when you can’t do a certain project perfectly.┬áBeside that, they will want to know about you. When you tell them about your problems, they won’t console you as sweet as the snake type but they will silently listen to you and they will sincerely try to find the best solution to your problems, they will find you, and tell you even when you don’t even think much about it anymore.

The first type of superior is anywhere, but the second type is like finding a needle in haystack. When you find the second type, make sure you don’t disappoint them and do your best for them because one day they might need you to help them perhaps in another company or even with their start up project.

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