Mental & Emotional Corner: Five Treasures of Life

These days I’ve been so busy even in the weekends so today I am coming back to elaborate my pastor’s sermon without making it religious. This is basically just knowledge for you guys.

There are five treasures that humans have. They are spirituality, family, relationship, physical, and material. I will explain them briefly, one by one.


Spirituality talks about your relationship with your God. It is considered as a treasure because one, who has a great relationship with his God, will have more hope in their life, because they know if all humans turn their back on him, there will still be one entity that always still support him and will never let him down.

Extended happy family standing in the park.

I think all of you agree that Family is one of the most important thing in our life. We can’t go on with our life without the support of the family. Maybe we can, but there is no warmth in your life without the love from your family. It’s far more special than anything we could ever imagine.


Relationship talks about connections you have with yourself, friends, families, lovers, etc. Human is a social being. They can’t live alone without the help or support of other humans. We were created to be that way. If you have a great relationship with yourself and everyone, then you are so lucky, because sometimes when relationship breaks, it doesn’t always go back to the previous state that fast or never. So, when your relationship in a good terms, keep it, take a good care of it.


Physical treasure is how you keep your physical body as a treasure that God gave you. You don’t need to ruin it with the worldly things like cigarettes, alcohol, narcotics, etc. If you feel ugly, please don’t be insecure and have some work done. Be grateful for what you got. Everybody is not perfect. Even Hollywood stars have their insecurities but they overcome it with their talent, so people would focus on their superiority. Focus on your talent and always be positive in everything you do.


The last thing is material. It is about how you manage your assets or money and make it worth more than before. It’s like you have to manifold it, combine your talent and your materials to make you successful. I assume everyone would totally aware of this one.

Maybe there are some other treasures that I might have to add, If you guys know more about these treasures, please tell me in the comment box below.

Photos Credit:Shemanenugent, happyfamilycs, srikanthgelli, spice4life,

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