Salt Grill – The Plaza, Thamrin

Last week was my father’s birthday, so we decided that we have to eat something fancier than usual, so we choose Salt Grill. A fine dining restaurant located on the 46th Floor, The Plaza, Thamrin. The floor is called Altitude with three restaurants, function room, and high end club altogether. You can enter it from the Plaza lobby or you could enter it from the Plaza Indonesia near the Louis Vuitton and Tod’s boutique.

As soon as we arrive, we could see the altitude logo right behind the reception desk. We confirmed our booking and were led to our table by the usher. First, I suggest you could book your table (021 2992 2448) because there are only like seven tables that are located beside the windows, so I suggest you make an early booking. I was given two hours time to enjoy the table but the view was totally magnificent. You could see the Bundaran HI directly from your table, how cool that is. I suggest you book a table, if you have six persons with you, at a room with the bookshelves. The decorations and the furniture are totally artistic.

Excitement filled us up. We were like taking pictures, tons of pictures of the places and ourselves with no shame, and you shouldn’t restrain yourself to take pictures because it’s not forbidden, the place is beautiful with all the Christmas decorations, and it’s not like everyday you are taking pictures there. After taking pictures, the waiter gave us the menu and the baked bread. We enjoyed eating the bread while waiting for our food.

We ordered a plate of prawns with curry sauce, I forgot what the name is but it’s an appetizer and we loved it. The curry sauce felt different than the usual curry that you could find in Padang restaurants. It’s unique. The prawn itself is very fresh and juicy and quite big.


The second menu we ordered was Chinese Chicken with prawn dumplings, ginger broth, shiitake mushrooms, and baby bok choy. The chicken was totally tender and big. The prawn dumpling was very delicious combined with the broth, but the downside is the skin of the dumpling was too thick for my taste.


The last menu we ordered was roast duck breast with confit Maryland, braised endive, beetroot spatzle, peas, red wine, and verjuice jus. A lot of ingredients, but I don’t even know which was which beside the obvious. The roast duck was the winner of the day, it’s totally delicious compared to other french restaurants in Jakarta, most of them though.


My first thought of the beverages here would be all pricy but it’s not. The price would be the same with most restaurants and cafes starts from 35K. Totally surprised. My suggestion is drink other beverages than mineral water, because that fine mineral water is Acqua Panna, made in Italy. I just don’t see any difference with the usual mineral water and it costs almost 60K exclude the taxes. I would rather drink fresh juices with almost the same price. It’s just my opinion. If you want to drink mineral water, that’s fine. We were totally full hence we didn’t order any desserts.

So, my experience was great. For 3 persons, it will costs around 1.200K. I will totally comeback to taste more mains and desserts. I just can’t wait.

All photos by me.

You could visit my Instagram (raid_insecret) for more photos.

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