The Journey of Flower: The Review

The Journey of Flower: Ancient Drama Series. Full review available at


It’s totally not me for posting reviews about this drama series especially not a 50-episodes ancient Chinese drama series involving Kung Fu, magic and immortality but this one is different. The drama is called The Journey of Flower (花千骨 read: Hua Qian Gu). I just can’t express how thrilled I was when I find out about this series. This series kept me from moving an inch from my seat for days. I was like so into this drama series and fortunately I was able to finish it on the new year’s holidays.

So, this drama was broadcasted by HBS Hunan TV and it was aired June 9th, 2015 until September 7th, 2015. It was originally 58-episodes drama on TV but I don’t know why it ends at episode 50 when I watched it online.


This drama starred Wallace Huo as the Immortal Sect Leader a.k.a the teacher and Zanillia Zhao as Hua Qian Gu a.k.a the disciple; both acted as the main characters. I was like hypnotized by their acting, so real. They are so talented and the chemistry was like skyrocketing towards the mid and the end of the series.

The story was about the love of the teacher and his disciple. The disciple loved the teacher too much that she sacrificed herself to be the world’s greatest criminal in order to save her teacher from the death. Little did she know, the teacher secretly love her too without her knowing and persistently deny  it. Their unspeakable love made me realize that to love someone, it doesn’t mean you have to say “I Love You” to them to prove  you love them, but people could see it from all the things that you do for your loved ones.

Although my words won’t do the justice, the full synopsis will be on the next post.

The other thing I like about this drama series was the soundtrack. I like the opening song called Heart’s Fire. The melody flawlessly filled me up and made me instantaneously connecting the melody with the story. Two Thumbs up for F.I.R and Julia Peng for making it much more special. The other tracks is really good too.

” True Love is not proven by words you said to them but the things you did for them. Look around you and you could see the love from your friends and family. Remember what they have sacrificed for you, love them as much.” – AWD

This series reminding me about how God gave His only child, Jesus Christ, to bear the world’s sin just because He loves us too much. God Bless You!

 I will give a 9/10 for this drama.

Credits: Google Images, Youtube

One thought on “The Journey of Flower: The Review

  1. The story is so good I felt the lead characters’ pain but i didnt watch all the episodes, There were so many. I wish to read the novel and watch the drama fully after. Im falling in love again because of this drama..


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