The Journey of Flower: The Synopsis

You could read the full synopsis of The Journey of Flower at

I will make a synopsis from a 58-episodes ancient Drama called The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu), so you guys have the idea of what I wrote in the previous post.

Hua Qian Gu: The Disciple
Bai Zi Hua – Immortal Sect Leader: The Teacher

Following her father’s dying message, she decided to go up to the mountain and to search for the man her father mentioned. Unfortunately,  that man already died. So, without the further ado, she decided to find Bai Zi Hua because he left without any messages. She came to fortune teller  to find out Bai Zi Hua whereabouts. In search for Bai Zi Hua, she became the student of Immortal Sect without knowing that the Immortal Sect Leader and the man who helped her before is the same person.

In their world, every immortal has a test, they have to kill a person to pass the test or they will become possessed by demon. It is told that Bai Zi Hua’s calamity is Hua Qian Gu, but he couldn’t kill her, he hide her, and for worse, he took the girl as his only disciple. He thought that he could control the outcome of the test because he is right now #1 in that world, no one could beat him. He has that much power.

Originally, the girl didn’t have any feelings toward anyone and free from greed and desire. Spending time with her teacher, she couldn’t help but secretly fell in love with her teacher and the love was so deep that it made her crazy in love. One day, the enemy poisoned the girl and her teacher couldn’t help but absorb her poison to his own body and become terribly sick. The poison is from the deity device, so no way to cure it. He was ready to die in several days unless he drinks the girls’ blood. The girl bottled her blood to make sure her teacher stayed alive while she’s gone to find the antidote.


She discovered that the only way to cure her teacher is to gather the deity devices by stealing them and summon the blazing pearl, but to gather them means the demon king will rise once again and she will become the world’s greatest criminal. Although she was able to cure her teacher with the deity devices, she must be sentenced to death immediately. But, the demon king transferred his power completely to the girl and her teacher protected her. While she was sleeping, her teacher made a barrier so the dark power can’t consume the girl from the inside, but it means every time the girl use the power, it will damage the teacher internal organs.


Because of her criminality, she was sentenced to a severe punishment, to be pierced by the flying dagger more than 60 times. To be pierced by the dagger means she won’t be able to use magic, lose her immortality essence, and she can’t barely walk by the time the punishment finished. She lost her consciousness on the 16th piercings and little did she know that Bai Zi Hua took over the punishment and became really weak himself but he still won’t admit any feelings for Hua Qian Gu.

Later, Bai Zi Hua locked up Hua Qian Gu  in a temple by herself and make sure no one sets her free. No one could ever know how hurt their feelings were.

One day, Hua Qian Gu got so mad because her friends that tried to free her got killed by her rival. She accidentally broke the barrier and became the demon queen. She tried to severe the relationship with her teacher.

No one knows that the teacher actually love her as much as she do but he won’t admit to it because for the immortal sect leader, falling in love is a sin. He pretended he didn’t has any feelings for her and  stayed at the girl side to help her control the power. But one day, Hua Qian Gu’s underlings took the water of emotionless from the three colored pond and threw it to Bai Zi Hua’s hand. The deeper the love, the more it hurts. Although the pain was like hell, he still won’t admit that he loved her. Hua Qian Gu’s rival also threw this water to her face before so the world knows about her feelings for Bai Zi Hua.

Long story short, after hearing about what the teacher sacrificed for her, she decided that she will end her life. She made an illusion of her killing all immortal sect leader only to be killed by her own teacher because by then her teacher will be free from his calamity. The next is…I won’t tell the finishing part because you have to watch this by yourself to get all the feelings I wrote above. It could stir your feelings like crazy.

Believe me, you should watch it at or any drama websites for the full drama. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it before.

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8 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower: The Synopsis

  1. In the second episode, it was explained that to get rid of the calamity you either have to kill the person, OR there’s a myth that getting all the 10 deity devices could solve the problem. Because Hua Qian Gu got the 10 deity devices to heal Bai Zi Hua – the calamity was actually already broken.

    I just wanted to mention that, because you say in the last paragraph “because by then her teacher will be free from his calamity”. That’s actually not the reason she sacrificed herself.

    Regarding the ending, she let Bai Zi Hua kill her to see how much he loved her. She originally wanted them to “Go to some place themselves and never interfere with the world again”, basically she just wanted to be with him forever, but Bai Zi Hua rejected it, and asked her why she wanted him to admit he loved her so much.

    Basically, Hua Qian Gu just wanted Bai Zi Hua to admit he had feelings for her, but he couldn’t do it. So she had to find out for herself by tricking him. In the end, she wanted to see if he loved her enough to trust she wouldn’t actually harm anyone. But Bai Zi Hua didn’t.

    Of course he regretted it in the end, and obviously it’s a happy ending (no spoilers) but that was the real reason she sacrificed herself.

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    1. Am in episode 37,just can’t wait to know what will happen…can someone please tell me how it ended; did they end up together???


  2. From original book, Bai Zhi Hua becomes crazy for 30 years after he killed Hua Qian Gu. One of his brother in the same sect sacrifices himself to revive Hua Qian Gu. Also, the drama itself has 55 episodes but cut short to 50 episodes.


  3. I didn’t watch the journey of flower season 2 since it did not have Wallace Huo or Zanilia (main casts). Do you think there will be a season 3? Or was season 1 really the end of the original novel?


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