Lewis & Caroll Tea House – Kebayoran Baru

I was so bored that weekend with the same old routines over and over again hence I want to relax somewhere far away from the bustling of the city. I found one place, a tea house at Jl. Bumi no. 4, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. It was located at Bumi Four building, you can see the LC logo to make sure you arrived at the correct place. I saw many photogenic photos spreaded all over the internet about this place, so off we go.

When we first arrived at this place, I was like WOW, the atmosphere was very relaxing. There are no house music, pop music, or any deafening tune. The room was very clean, cozy, minimalist, modern, spacious, vibrant, etc. I could keep going on with more words that describe how I really like this place.

There are two areas of this tea house, outdoor and indoor area. Outdoor areas are for smoking only and it’s prohibited to smoke inside the room. I wrote room here because the atmosphere felt like living room in your house but much bigger. I forgot to ask what’s upstairs, maybe next time. The array of big glass walls there were like the source of lights that complimented every photos I take. The natural light was almost perfect in supporting our photography activities.

I was taking a lot of photos there, but I will share my best photos.


Fabulous Design
Relaxing View

Before we ordered any tea, we could ask the waiter to let us smell the teas from the tubes. It’s very beautiful.


We ordered two different iced teas called Scarlet Carnaval (40K) and Island Cordial (40K). Scarlet Carnaval consists of apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip, orange, strawberry, lemon, kiwi. The tea tasted very clean without any aftertaste at all and it had soft fragrant with a hint of strawberries flavor.


Island Cordial consists of mango, orange, strawberry, marigold, safflower, pineapple. From the first sip it tasted like vitamin C for kids, seriously, not that bad, but it’s weird  like it’s not tea anymore, it’s very fragrant though. No aftertaste either.



Both of us ordered iced teas, so we thought we should taste their hot tea. So we choose from the oolong blends section, cupid’s kiss. It was a very intriguing name, isn’t it? Cupid Kiss consists of grey dragon, rose hips, marigold. The tea has very clean taste, no aftertaste. The fragrant was very very soft. I just haven’t get used to this kind of tea yet.


We decided to order Truffled Fries just because we need fries, everyone loves fries. Sorry, because we just love fries. The truffled fries has a very unique and distinct taste because of the truffle oil and Parmesans. The fries has a very moist texture but it’s not oily. I like it very much.

Truffled Fries (40K)


I heard that their Matcha Pannacota is a serious tongue satisfier. I would like to come back to this beautiful tea house and try some more teas and food. You have to prepare around 300K for high tea and around 500K or more if you want to enjoy their main course. The great thing is all the prices on the menu are inclusive of 15% tax and services.

Overall, this place is very good for relaxing and chatting with your dearest friends.

All photos are taken by me, you could follow my Instagram raid_insecret for more photos.

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