3 Biggest Questions about Chinese New Year

The Story behind Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Chinese New Year is also called by the name Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. It’s weird to call that Spring Festival when it falls on winter, between 21st January to 20th February every year. I would not go deep into that part though.

There are some things that always bother me. Why this has to be this way and that way?  Today, I’ll elaborate more about my curiosities.

Why Red?


Chinese New Year will always be showered with anything red. Why do it has to be red of all thousand colors existed? For me, green and blue are lovely too right? I mean red colors everywhere is overstatement, too bold. But Why?

Why Firecrackers?

Firecracker, Chinese New Year decorations

Beside that, we always see firecrackers in Chinese New Year celebrations. Why firecrackers? It’s so damn annoying right? For people like me who loves silence, it’s a freaking noise pollution.

Why Red Pockets?


In Chinese New Year, people, who has income, will always prepare red pockets filled with some money to be given to their close friends, their children, their friends’ children, father, mother, etc. Seriously, this tradition is interesting but why do we have to prepare it in red pockets? I mean, we could transfer the money to their account or maybe other small presents would be sufficient too.


There is actually a story behind Chinese New Year. The start of Chinese New Year marked by the tales about a mythical beast named Nian. This beast would come to the village and eat villagers especially children. At the beginning of every year, people would prepare food in front of their houses so this beast will only eat the food prepared not the villagers. They hoped it would work. One day, A villager wanted to have a revenge on Nian but a God visited him and told him to put the red paper and firecrackers in front of their houses. Then, the villagers came to a conclusion that Nian is scared to the color red. When the new year comes, the villagers would wear red clothes, hang red decorations on the wall, hang red lantern, give red pockets to their children, etc.

Chinese lanterns

Those red color tradition is inherited from that time until now. It is believed that the color red, firecrackers, and red pockets would drive away bad spirits and symbolizes good luck, happiness, and energy for themselves and their families.

So are you ready to red-ify yourself on this Chinese New Year?

Source: China Highlights, Wikipedia, Hyatt Blog, touristly.files, enjoythemomentrituals.com

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