5 Things To Do On Valentine Days (For Single Only)

“What will you do on Valentine? You are single!! Hahahaha…” That’s the common mockery for singles when Valentine’s Day comes. Sometimes, I’m disgusted by how unthoughtful people could be. Not everyone wants to be single by choice. They just haven’t found the one yet or maybe they are hiding their own feelings because that certain someone couldn’t fall in love with them because of many reasons. I don’t want to get that deep on that because I know how it feels to be that person and screw you mockers.


Valentine’s Day is a day to be spent with your loved ones, not just your lovers. It could be your best friend, mother, or even your sister. There is no 101 lessons in loving someone. There is no rules who you should be with on Valentine’s day.

Don’t worry, for you single man and woman out there, there is actually 5 things to do on Valentine’s Day, here they are:



There is not many “Me Days” available for us, so if you’re single and it’s Valentine’s    Day, try to get some Me Day. You could go to spa and get relaxed, you could go shopping alone and decide everything by yourself, Singing Solo at Karaoke without having to snatch other mic, you could go cycling somewhere new, you could visit your elders. There are  countless things to do. If you say you don’t have anything to do, you are just making excuses.

Reading Your Unfinished Book


Some of us has that row of books that would never be opened again for the second time because we think we don’t have time for that. Now is your time. You don’t have to get outside and see many couples doing something for each other, just you and your book. I believe this could be the time where you could focus on finishing books. It’s a very constructive and positive activity. Trust me.



If you got time and cash, go traveling. Get out of town, explore new places. Usually in that trip you could meet new people, who wouldn’t judge you just because you don’t have lovers. You don’t have to go abroad, maybe somewhere interesting in your own countries. You should be surprised how it felt good traveling alone without having to worry about anyone.

Singles Day Out


I bet there are some of your friends who are also single. Ask them to hang out and go somewhere interesting. You don’t have to go somewhere far, you could go some places you guys haven’t been to before. Somewhere to spend a day with laughters and blow off some steam. Forget about that Valentine’s junk, enjoy your time together. Be there for each other, it could be fun.

Just Pretend Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Exist


Get back into your usual day-to-day activities. You could finish your unfinished work, play console games, watch Youtube, coloring, go to the gym, go to the supermarkets to find some snacks, watch Netflix or your cable TV, etc. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do that too right? Do anything as if there is no that day on the calendar. What is Valentine’s Day? Sorry, I don’t know. LOL.

Valentine’s day is only a celebration once in a year. The most important thing is you always take care and spend some quality time with your friends and families every day in your own way, 365 days in a year. That’s love not Valentine’s Day overdramatic drama. Valentine’s day will be much better if you don’t even care about what people think or say. Just be you, do your own thing.

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