Warunk Upnormal – Cempaka Putih

Last week, me and my best friend, who is a blogger too, traveled to northern part of Jakarta just to taste the famous Indomie creation at Warunk Upnormal. Warunk Upnormal is located in Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya No.102, Cempaka Putih, North Jakarta. It opens from 10am to 12pm at night. Actually, Warunk Upnormal first opened in Bandung, West Java but I never went there though.


We arrived there at 11.45pm and I saw so many motorcycles here and the road itself was very crowded at that time but it’s not very hard to park your car here. The atmosphere was very very casual, you can come in your shorts. That casual. The place was divided into two floors, the second floor intended for smokers was more open. The first floor was for non-smokers and it’s air-conditioned. The air conditioner needs to be replaced though because it’s quite hot.



The waitress were very good to us and she called us “Masbro” which is actually a slang word for brothers in Indonesian Language. I was giggling inside. LOL. When we were given the menu, we were smiling to each other because we were quite shocked to see the prices. It’s very affordable.


We ordered Indomie Sambal Matah (14.5K) which is basically an Indomie Goreng with Sambal Matah. I felt like I was in the seventh heaven, it’s very delicious, very very delicious but the portion was too small, I will comeback and eat two portions of this. Totally fell in love with this menu. One of the best menu there.


My best friend ordered Nasi Kambing Muda (24.5K) which is simply rice with lamb, sunny side up, and their signature sauce. Although it looked very ordinary, he said the taste was above ordinary and the portion was too big for his tummy.


Because of our curiosity, we ordered a bowl of Indomie Upnormal (16.5K)which is basically Indomie with cheese broth and sliced corned beef. It was totally delicious. The cheese broth was mind-blowing. You have to order this one when you come here.


For the dessert, we ordered Corned Beef Bread with egg (15,5K). two slices of bread with sunny side up and grinned corned beef. The bread was not good, I mean, it’s like it wasn’t being toasted at all. I only eat the egg and corned beef. Not a recommended menu.


We ordered Ice tea Jumbo (4K) and Ice Lychee Upnormal (13,5K). Ice Lychee Upnormal was actually lychee syrup combined with fermented milk. Totally my palate, it’s very refreshing. I suggest you try this one.

The interesting thing is you could ask the waiter to give you UNO to play with your friends. Games, great strategy.


This place isn’t your typical high-class restaurant but value for money kind of restaurant. We will totally comeback for more instant noodle¬†madness. Dear Lord, thank you for granting us super delicious instant noodles, LOL. We are spending only 100K for 2 people. Totally worth it.

All photos was taken by me. Follow my instagram account raid_insecret for more pictures.

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