Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Review

That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel. – Alfred

This morning, I decided to write a movie review. Can you guess what movie it is? It’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In my country, some theatres are only showing this one movie in all of their studios. Everybody has been waiting for this movie to be released for God knows how long, not me though because I am honestly don’t know about this movie until weeks ago. Shame on me.

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Ohayo Coffee – Green Bay

That day was a holiday. I remembered the boredom that I felt that morning, it escalated and turned my lazy mode on. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to do anything either, I was in dilemma. Not long after that boredom moment struck me, I remembered that I had promised my bestie that we would go to this coffee shop located at Green Bay Apartment in North Jakarta. My mood was totally turned back like 180 degrees, I was totally excited over that trip instantly.

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Begonia Garden – Maribaya, West Java

Back in July last year, I was visiting a  small yet pretty garden that grows a lot of flowers. It is called Begonia Garden. It is located at Puncak, West Java. Originally, I thought this place is a big garden, but actually it isn’t. It could hosts around 200 people. After that, you will felt trapped because the trail isn’t big enough to accommodate those visitors.

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Mental & Emotional Corner: Do You Love or Fear?

Love or Fear? Who is running your business?

Weeks ago, I went to have a sharing session in SCTV Tower, Central Jakarta. The sharing session took place in a new established community called Sane Step Community. This community welcomes all people who really wants to taste the fresh water after spending time in the desert of life. Who really seek refuge after depressing moments in their life. In this session, the community welcomed a great mentor, Mr. Gobind Vashdev (Gobind Vashdev Official Site – Home), to speak about Love and Compassion on Valentine’s Day.

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