Ohayo Coffee – Green Bay

That day was a holiday. I remembered the boredom that I felt that morning, it escalated and turned my lazy mode on. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to do anything either, I was in dilemma. Not long after that boredom moment struck me, I remembered that I had promised my bestie that we would go to this coffee shop located at Green Bay Apartment in North Jakarta. My mood was totally turned back like 180 degrees, I was totally excited over that trip instantly.

That afternoon, we were totally ignoring the floor directions and went around that apartment block like the dumb and dumber but that confusing and discovering moment was actually amazing. We got to see some part of the apartment that was so beautiful, like we were abroad, so artsy. We took a lot of photos and I was oh so happy about it. I learned that in that kind of moment, something good could pop up unexpectedly.

So we finally found that cute little coffee shop called Ohayo Coffee, yayyy!! We opened the door and the space was actually not big at all but I named it as one of the most perfect moment of our trip. Why? Because we got the perfect spot, perfect light, perfect atmosphere, and many properties that we could use in our photos.


The perfect atmosphere was because it was not that cold or hot, not crowded, and it was not a coffee shop full of chatty persons hence it formed excitement in us. There were three kind of seats at the coffee shop; the outdoor seats which was intended for smokers, the seats by the window, and around three tables with sofas farther from the window. The design of the shop itself was pretty simple, I loved how they decorate the walls with those chalk letters. I always love coffee shop that utilizes chalk graffiti just because it seems more youthful, more engaging in terms of convenience.




We were quite full so we didn’t order any food. We ordered Picollo Latte (27K) and Hot Matcha Latte (35K). Both of them needed to be thicker to match my palate. A lot of room for improvement in terms of the taste and appearance.

Picollo Latte (27K)
IMG_4840 copy
Hot Matcha Latte (35K)

I suggest you visit the coffee shop in the afternoon, around 3 or 4pm, if you want to take photos with adequate amount of light intensity, not too bright or too dim. Take a note, they use yellow bulb which is the epitome of bad photos, so come here before they turn it on. Just my preferences though, it’s all up to the man behind the camera.


We would probably come again in the future to relax, have some chitchat with calm atmosphere or just to work.

All photos are taken by me, if you want to see more, please visit my Instagram.

Ohayo Coffee
Green Bay Pluit tower B LGM 28-29
8 a.m-8 p.m (Closed on Sunday)

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