Mental & Emotional Corner: WHO ARE YOU?

Unless we base our sense of identity upon the truth of who we are, it is impossible to attain true happiness – Brenda Shoshanna

Who are you?  What is your identity? 

Identity is something attached to us. Something that can’t be separated from living being, something that define us, for example “I am the most brilliant boy in my school”, “I’m the fastest man alive,” said Flash. There should be a combination of roles, attributes, behaviors, and associations, which we consider the most important, that are being shaped into a unique identity. Identity is dynamic, it could change from time to time, from place to place. According to Psychology Today, when we are faced with the challenge to our sense of self, the identity crisis will emerge.

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Food Fighters – Melawai, Blok M

Hey guys, this weekend I was spending my time with my best friend. Last year, we were not the type of people that would enjoy extra miles just to find food, but this year, we would like to try to enjoy that extra miles and try something we never tasted before; far from our home. Our destination for this past weekend was Food Fighters. I know we were like so late, but this is a new thing for us, so I would like to tell you guys how we think about this place.

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Pempek Belida Mas Internasional – Kemayoran

Pempek has been one of the most famous Indonesian dish; sort of like fish cake in texture. It’s made from fish and almost none of us could resist the taste. For years, these dishes has been always served in the same manner; fried then served with the sweet and spicy black sauce. It has always been that way, but nowadays people are more creative and they play with some ingredients such as cheese and many more.

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7 Ways To Tie Your Scarf

There are 7 ways to tie your scarf, time to change your old habits into new one.

There are many ways to tie your scarf around your neck, but you don’t know what it is called right? I even didn’t bother to learn how to tie scarves before. This year, I promised myself to learn new things, so I decided with something small. I will share this tutorial so it could boost your appearance and don’t make you look like a strangled clown or even snowman. Not that I don’t like snowman though.

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