7 Ways To Tie Your Scarf

There are 7 ways to tie your scarf, time to change your old habits into new one.

There are many ways to tie your scarf around your neck, but you don’t know what it is called right? I even didn’t bother to learn how to tie scarves before. This year, I promised myself to learn new things, so I decided with something small. I will share this tutorial so it could boost your appearance and don’t make you look like a strangled clown or even snowman. Not that I don’t like snowman though.

I figured out these tutorials when I browsed videos through Youtube. Burberry are so brilliant in making these videos to let you know there are 7 ways to tie your scarf without letting us feel bored, some fun models and actions. Maybe some of you only knew one or two ways to tie them, hence now is the time you learn the other ways.

  • The Waterfall Knot, this one, in my opinion, is designed for girls. I don’t think I want to walk in this kind of knot because it’s like too short, I don’t know, maybe you would.
  • The Low Bow, I think this one is unisex and it’s very good-looking knot, but I rarely seen anyone except fashion models wearing it this way. This knot is like so casual and I think this will be good to be put on action on fall. I don’t think this knot will warm you up in winter season.
  • The Tuxedo Fold, this one is clearly unisex but the knot have some boyish charm to it. I mean from the way it is tied obviously not a girly one. The knot is so simple to make, perfect for saving time.
  • The Fanned Loop, one of the simplest knot. Obviously this knot is popular, even my mom knows it. This one is perfect for winter because it will warm your neck really well, like seriously, because I’ve tried and it’s true. It’s kinda formal though.
  • The Bandana, for me this knot is so hard to be made. I mean, it looks really good but I think this one is for people who has time on their hand. This video makes it looks really easy, but actually, it is not. This one remind me of the cowboy’s scarves from movies. Not a great choice for me, but maybe it’s perfect for you?
  • The Casual Loop, as it name suggests, this one is so easy to be made. The hardest part is to make sure the right part and the left part at the perfect same length. I like this one because it saves time. The knot isn’t really stylish but in my opinion it’s perfect for hangout casually.
  • The Loose Tie, the knot is very easy to be made, totally boyish thing. Boys love simple knots. But If you aren’t careful with the way you tied the scarf, it will make you look like you just failed any attempts to tie the scarf because it is so casual and not neat in my opinion.

So, what’s your favorite ways to tie your scarf? Tell me in the comment section below.

Credits: Burberry

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