Pempek Belida Mas Internasional – Kemayoran

Pempek has been one of the most famous Indonesian dish; sort of like fish cake in texture. It’s made from fish and almost none of us could resist the taste. For years, these dishes has been always served in the same manner; fried then served with the sweet and spicy black sauce. It has always been that way, but nowadays people are more creative and they play with some ingredients such as cheese and many more.

My best friend insisted that we have to go to this ‘Pempek Belida Mas Internasional’ because there have been so many mouth watering pictures in Instagram. LastSaturday, We went there and it’s not hard to find this place. We came around 12pm but it’s not crowded and my heart filled with joy suddenly, because with less people around, I could take more pictures my way. Plus, there was this ‘buy 1 get 1’ promotions hence we were so delightful. The place was somewhat really clean but with no air conditioner, it was hot. Then, we went in and started to order Mozzarella Cheese, Rounded, and Skin Pempek and the mouth-watering Green Noodle.



The pempek was actually kind of plain, it’s chewy and it was not really my palate. The cheese wasn’t really taste-able. the taste was kind of weird, sorry but it’s nothing special.


Green noodle was just about the same. Despite the pretty appearance, the noodle lacked those seasonings as in the other noodle. I was told that the noodle was made from vegetables; cai sim if you know it. The noodle itself was actually acceptable along with the meat, but the dumplings were utter disaster. The dumpling skin was too thick and looks like there is huge room to improve the dumplings and the seasonings.


Honestly, we were kind of disappointed with this one. If you are curious and you want to try these menu, please lower your expectation in the first place. This is from my opinion of view, somebody else might like the dishes, maybe we should try all of their menu to decide.

Pempek Belida Mas Internasional

+62 812-9747-7007
10 am to 9 pm

All of these pictures were taken by me. For more pictures, please visit my Instagram here.

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