Food Fighters – Melawai, Blok M

Hey guys, this weekend I was spending my time with my best friend. Last year, we were not the type of people that would enjoy extra miles just to find food, but this year, we would like to try to enjoy that extra miles and try something we never tasted before; far from our home. Our destination for this past weekend was Food Fighters. I know we were like so late, but this is a new thing for us, so I would like to tell you guys how we think about this place.

Food Fighters is located at Jl. Melawai IV No. 7, beside Kopi Oey and Fave Hotel. I tell you what, this place was so hard to find, we were going around for like 15 minutes to find this place. The great thing was the place was not crowded like it used to be last year. Food Fighters are often seen as Pasar Santa 2.0, which I think it’s more like mini version of Pasar Santa.

Food Fighters Glorious Graffiti Wall

Food Fighters were designed with vintage theme but with unfurnished walls and floors, that was not bad at all, I thought it’s an art. The furnitures were decent enough. I love the stickers or that wall painting that are scattered on the wall and the floor of this place, it’s cute and creative. I wish I could take photos of them all. There are many tenants here from Mie Chino, Judas Kitchen, Bonara Pasta, Sate Bumbu Oma, Yipiko Wings, Bahnmily, Zucker Waffle, Kopi Pasar, Blackjack, etc.

We just finished our high tea in Lewis and Caroll, so we were a bit full. We couldn’t eat that much although we would like to eat everything here not just because they looked delicious but also affordable; generous portions too. These are what we enjoy that afternoon:

Tuna Aglio Olio from Bonara Pasta (33K)

The Tuna Aglio Olio from Bonara Pasta was indeed delicious. At first I didn’t expect much from the chef but don’t judge the book by its cover right? So, I was blown away with the taste and generous amount of tuna scattered with the spaghetti. The texture of the spaghetti was very good along with the perfect saltiness.

OZ Burger from Judas’ Kitchen (40K)

Although the burger looked regular, it was very tasty. The hash brown potato, the sauce, the patty, the vegetables, the buns; all of them have perfect taste. I just couldn’t believe it was actually really tasty just because of its simple cooking process.

Coconut Rose Water (25K)

I was intrigued by the appearance of Coconut Rose Water. Actually, it was coconut water but it was infused with rose petals and chia seed. The taste was great for me but not good according to my best friend because it just didn’t fit his palate. The funny thing is I just knew that those rose petals are edible and I was laughing very hard just because I ate rose petals, sorry for my cheesiness. LOL.

Anyway, we were so full and decided to end our culinary journey for that day because it’s already late but we are going back here in couple of weeks just because we want to try everything else. That time, we promise to come with empty stomach at lunch time, so we could be an omnivore without feeling guilty of having dinner.

All photos are taken by me, please visit my instagram raid_insecret for more photographs.

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