Mental & Emotional Corner: STOP Bullying!

“Best Sword is made from extreme heat.”

Let’s talk about bullying. There are always bullying cases occurred mostly in schools everywhere in the world.  Bullying was done by the bully in order to hurt, embarrass, and intimidate someone. It’s usually done by the one who thinks that he is on the top of the chain, he is the most superior person of all. The bully doesn’t understand what aftereffect would happen to the victim.

In Indonesia, there are 87 reports of the bullying cases in the school to the Indonesian Child Commission (KPAI) in 2014 alone.

The causes of the bullying case are always about jealousy, hatred, revenge, or low self-esteem. When parents are too strict with their child and have tons of restrictions about their children social life, they will often be the victim because they don’t have great social skills to blend into the society. They tend to be scared, weak, and wishy washy.

There are six types of bullying:



Teen movies usually have many scenes that project physical bullying. I really despise that. Usually the bully was a guy from football team and the victim will be the nerd or someone who isn’t pro to the bully’s cause apparently. They sacrifice their hearts for brief popularity and power.


Do you know when you gave someone a nickname that in rhyme with sexual thing, vulgar gestures and comments, uninvited touch, you are a sexual bully already. It also depends on the situation, but I think you could paraphrase the words or even giving a code instead of blurting something out when you know it’s not an ear-friendly word. Some of people would think you are rude. You could say some people are too strict of their words, too old-school, but I tell you something, it would be better if you say it with the person you want to talk to in smaller volume so other people whom you consider “old-school” won’t be bothered at all.



This type of bullying is sneaky and indirect because it is done by manipulating, sabotaging, and spread some false rumors. For example, because one of your colleagues want to get a position they wanted, they would spread rumors that you badmouthed your superior before and tried many ways to make you look bad indirectly. Maybe you wouldn’t think that a colleague that always laugh with you everyday would have done something like this but in fact, no one is always good even your own family. Don’t be mad, chill out and let it go. It would probably cause conflict but sometimes you need a brief conflict to clear things out, to make a better you.



This is like so common, it’s happening almost everyday. People would joke about something that maybe would offend someone. Verbal bullying will affect mental part of a human. As a victim of bullying, Tyra Banks said that the person tho bullied you is actually hurting more than you ever could because they are insecure and having an issue, they are crying inside, so they are the one with the problem, not you. What Tyra said is absolutely true. They want other people feel how miserable their own life by hurting others.


As the name suggests, the bullying will be done online. It would be anonymous so people tend to be meaner and rude. As a netizen myself, I always found this type of bullying in youtube. I often found it in comment section of a celebrity’s performance videos or someone would just tweet directly to the celebrity which is totally inappropriate for me. I mean could you do better yourself, do you feel better when you bring people down with you? The solutions to this type of bullying is being an ignorant person, suck in all the positive and brush off the hate comments because haters gonna hate.



People would be verbally or physically abused because of their skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, and often religion. Look, you are unique, accept who you are, just because you are different doesn’t mean you are on the bad or down side. Groups of human made cultures for themselves, they wouldn’t gladly accept some new things that will change their habit or cultures. If they don’t accept you, get out and be with people who accept you for who you are and won’t try to change you forcefully. On the positive side, you will be stronger than them.

“Best sword is made from the extreme heat.” 

Don’t let bullies screw up your life, focus on yourself, prove to yourself you are not like them, you will be successful in your life.

Credit: GoGirl! Magz, Google Images.

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