Mental & Emotional Corner: 3 Major Things You Need to Get Over Somebody

“I stopped waiting for your call, your text: a message, a breath. I let myself start wishing we’d never met” – Niocra Kladsflem

If you love someone, it doesn’t always mean you have to make them yours, it sounds very cliché. Many people is now believing that when we love someone, we have to chase them so hard until they get them as a boyfriend/girlfriend. If they are rejected, they will find another to be hunted and try to make them as their honey. For me, this looks like a hunting season which I found very inconvenient, disturbing, and pathetic.

For some people, loving someone is to see the people they love live a happy life with or without them. Even though they will be hurt along the way of the happiness of that someone, they are willing to do it. Some other people believe that they will find the new source of happiness if they are willing to accept the hurt until they become numb.

When they free their life from the one that makes their heart hurt, they will open a new page from their life diary. As our own individual, the time spent on forgetting someone won’t be the same from one to another. There are some people who can forget it all in a week, some people take years. Everything depends on the situation and conditions they face.  If they meet new friends that could alter their sadness into happiness, then they tend to forget and heal faster because they are supported by new circle of friends.

“I stopped waiting for your call, your text: a message, a breath. I let myself start wishing we’d never met” – Niocra Kladsflem

I will give a fictional illustration about the thing I wrote above from someone’s POV:

“The person that I liked was not someone from my imaginations, it’s damn far, but something about that person attracts me, it made me want to stay beside him, to see his smile, to listen to his voice. I dared myself to be closer to him, but he only took me as a friend. I still decided to be his friend, close friend. Long story short, He had a girlfriend, who wasn’t me. There was something about that stir my feelings, I felt very sad for sometime. I learned to accept that he already had a girlfriend. Sometimes, I think to myself, even if me and him will only end as friends, I am willing to accept that, I am willing to feel the hurt as long as he stays close in my life. I don’t know if I am a stupid person or I am hoping that one day he will consider me more than just a close friend.”

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There are three major things that you need to ease the process of getting over somebody, here they are:


We all need time to accept the fact. For me, it could take years, to get over somebody because there is always at least one person in your life that is always dear to you until the end of your life, the love that will never die but only hidden.


Space is important to if you want to get over somebody easily. If you give a space, you will gradually forget them because they are not with you at the moment, you won’t see them at least for now until your heart is settled. You will enjoy new kind of excitement over communicating with everyone else freely without any burden of seeing them and expecting their reactions. This one is a must and really recommended.


I wouldn’t say that you have to get a new lover for distraction purposes, it’s egoistic. The distractions that i want to suggest are like developing your hobby to the next level, learning something new, meeting new persons, visiting the elders, etc. You have to find activities that are going to take a lot of your time. When you are occupied with something, it’s become easier to get over somebody by forgetting them slowly but sure.

I acknowledged that accepting the hurt and willing to let go of our beloved one will be extremely hard to be implemented in our life, but it might still be possible.

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