Coffee Kulture – Baywalk Garden

Last Saturday was a sleepy day, I was sleeping like 10 hours then I also took a nap. Anyway, to make myself out of the blue, I called my bestie to join me for afternoon coffee, more like evening coffee though. We went to Baywalk Garden and visited Coffee Kulture. I honestly shocked to see there was a tunnel below the Baywalk Mall. I didn’t know it, i was so late. To find it, you have to take the escalator down from the lobby to the ATM place. Then you’ll see signs how to reach the Baywalk Garden.

I was sad because it was dark already when we arrived at the coffee shop and the lights were almost all yellow. I tried to take some photos and apparently it turned out fine, not that bad, so I was relieved. There were two parts of seating area, indoor and outdoor. The indoor part was really cold, i loved it but it was too crowded and the lights were too yellow. We moved to the outdoor part, it’s not that hot because there were some misty cool fans spraying some waters and the light was really bright, kind of yellowish though.

We ordered a pulled pork hash brown slider, a glass of cold 58% dark chocolate, and a cup of hot cappuccino.



Hash brown potatoes have always been my dearest in the potato family. It was crunchy outside and soft inside. Unfortunately, it seemed the texture of the potatoes inside this one were too mushy hence I couldn’t enjoy it to the full extent. The pork was okay but I think they could improve a bit more, then this probably could be their signature menu.

The Dark Chocolate was only 58% and for my taste buds, it was still too sweet. For me, I would enjoy the bitterness of the dark chocolate with a little sugar to balance the taste. The concentration of the chocolate itself is somehow quite good. I forgot to take the photo of this one but I promise it’s just a regular tall glass with black pipe, not anything picturesque.

The last but not the least was a tiny cup of hot cappuccino. I don’t drink the coffee, but my best friend did and he said that the taste was okay.



I would probably try to come here earlier next time just to make sure my photos would be clearer and have more natural light and I would definitely try their burger.

Coffee Kulture
Baywalk Mall Garden 1 East Gate, Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu Barat, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
+62 21 6602234
10 am to 10 pm

All of these pictures were taken by me. For more pictures, please visit my Instagram here.

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