Mental & Emotional Corner: The Story About The Boy in Grey Beanie

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord – Acts 3:19 (New International Version)

Last Sunday, I went to church as usual but today was different. I was really blessed to meet a person who inspired me really much but the funny thing was, it’s not the pastor but the member of the church, a boy who looked like in his high school or college years. At first, because he was seated in front of me, I saw the boy only from his back and I said to myself, “He is stylish.” Because my fashion style was somewhat similar to him, street style with long denim shirt, jeans, slip ons, and a grey beanie. I was like thinking to myself why did he have to wear beanie inside a church, it’s not that cold or winter season, I couldn’t fathom why but I just let it slid away.


As the service progressed, the worship leader told us to greet the other members of the church. Because his family sat in front of mine, they turned their back to shake hands with us. I shook hand with his mother, father, his little brother, and then him. As I shook hand with him, he was super polite despite his young age. I have never encountered such a stylish young boy with such manner. Honestly, I was surprised, hence I let myself to greet him with an equally polite manner. At that time, I didn’t really pay attention to his facial features but it was weird to see his parents checked up on him like every 10 minutes. I went back to enjoy the service as much as I could and so did the boy enjoyed himself listening to the sermon attentively.

Not long after the sermon had ended, the pastor asked people who wants to be cured or freed from their personal problems to come forward near the stages to be anointed. I saw his parents gestured him to go forward and to be anointed. He listened to his parents and went with his little brother. When the anointing ended, I saw them coming back to their seats and I realized his face was so pale but I kept my curiosity until the service ended. When I asked him, Raphael, about why he was so polite, he listened to the sermon attentively, and he wasn’t shy to lift up his hand unlike me when i was younger, he smiled shyly and answered me with such a manner, “Well, I was diagnosed with leukemia.”┬áThat’s when I realized the reason that boy used the grey beanie, his hair was falling down because of the chemotherapy. “Ow, I see but I rarely find someone with such manner, good for you,” I said. He continued, “It was not easy to accept this fact but after I realized there is nothing to lose and I’m grateful for whatever my conditions are. I’m ready, if God would let me live for many more years or I would really thank him If he wanted me to return to His side right now. I know that God can take my life anytime, there is no time to be just like common people nowadays with things that will┬ábring them no good on the judgement day. I would do everything that will please Jesus.” The first word I said after that was “Wow. You are so mature. I’ve never seen such a believer. I hope we could meet again and I want to see you perfectly cured by God’s grace.” He smiled and thanked me for being caring enough for him.


I was thinking to myself, “Do we have to be in his condition first to make us realize what we had done was totally wrong and redirect ourselves back to the right path?” I would say we won’t need to be like him to do that but we still did what we thought was right because we have too many seductive options to choose from. Getting back to the right path won’t be as exciting as committing some sins, most of you would probably agreed. But I learned from a boy who has leukemia that we are given more chances, time, and energy to get back on the right path so if you are aware of your wrong deeds, please repent; at least for your own sake. I felt blessed because God let me met someone who inspired me tremendously.

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord – Acts 3:19 (New International Version)

Credit: Elevatestudentministry, Google Images.

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