The Ultimate Goal: How to Live Like Him (Pt. 1)

In this life, we are always thought that we have to do good in every aspects of our life, but as we grow up, there are many toxic factors that will make sure that we would never achieve goodness in everything. It’s all coming back to us, whether we really want to have fun without considering anything or we tailor every aspects of our life to be a life suit that could save us one day. As a Christian, I was taught how to life my life like God, How to be like God?


There are three ways to path your way to live like God:

Do you ever hear that every words that come from our mouth emerge from our deepest heart and it shows who we are. What comes out from our mouth should be constructive. Timing is also important when we want to say something. even some good words can be destructive if you say it at the wrong time. Our mindset should be something like what we say has to bring something beneficial to others. As I grow up, I also happen to see many people used curse words just to make them feel better and slowly the curse words become regular words to be expressed. Actually those words are vain words that God hates.

Character is something that we couldn’t change directly but through a long process. You can’t possibly learn to let your anger go just like that, you have to go through a long process of holding your anger until you achieve an easy way to hold it, it becomes your habit, and soon it will be your character. We always tend to follow our friends’ characters because we want to be part of that group. If we want to be popular, you can live just like those anybody else, but if you want to live like God, you have to be prepared to be unpopular among your peers. For they would say that you are too naive, you are not fun, etc. Are you ready to do this? But afraid not, you will find those people who has same life purposes along the way.


Do you ever hear a quote which says actions speak louder than words? If you have read the bible about Jesus’ journey then you must know that His deeds were full of love, He was a forgiver, and He has shown to us many good deeds that we probably could or would never do. The things that we do in our life is like a book for people to read. If you are an author, do you want to inspire people with your story? I bet you do, so in all the things that you want to do, please put God first, think about #WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) in your position and conditions? If you have find the answer, pray for it, because sometimes what He would do is totally different from what people expect. You might not like the outcome of living like Him, but you will never regret it.

This article is a summary and expansion from a sermon by Senior Ps. Juan Mogi. I hope this article could open your mind to start thinking about living more like Him in future. Part two is coming soon next week. Don’t forget to subscribe and tune in for next articles.

Credit: Google Images

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