The Ultimate Goal: How to Live Like Him (Pt. 2)

In my previous post, I shared how we could try to live like Him, but do you know that everything in life has process? When we try to live like him, we will go through processes, for example, if you want to build a table from a log, you have to cut the log, shape it, nail it, and chisel it to make it like a table. Do you realize that we are like that log, He wanted us to be a beautiful table, so He put us through the processes like being nailed, saw, and chiseled. Is it an enjoyable process? Is it a short process? No, it’s long and painful processes, but at the end of the story, the table will be beautiful. It’s not impossible that we could live like Him.

Every development processes need tools. He also needs tools to make us beautiful. There are three tools that are used:



Everything could be human being, conditions, or anything that He feels necessary. He could develop us through our in-laws, brother in law, neighbors, or everyone else. He could also use economic, social aspects of your life to process you. I don’t have to elaborate it more because I know that you guys have already gone through it at least once and i know it is painful but remember that “this shall pass too.”



Do you remember when you were going to school? There are always tests made by the teacher right? Daily tests or final test at the end of semester. The tests of life is similar to those of school and but it comes from God. There are academic degrees in educational field from playground to the doctoral degrees. Life is also the same, when we pass small tests, we are challenged with bigger and more difficult tasks and it goes on throughout our life. Along the tests, you will gain the value of faith and loyalty that He will always be there for us and guide us to the way out of our problems.



Temptation is different from test. Test comes from God, but temptation could come from our own desires and the devils. When we want to do something illegal by forgetting that we are a disciple of God, then we’ll fall into temptation and if we are still unaware of the situation, we’ll eventually fall into the fathomless pit of sin. The one from the devils are something you don’t actually want to do too, but the seduction of doing it are too powerful hence you fall into a sin. There are so many uncountable sins that we did before, but please don’t do it again or at least decreasing the frequency of doing it at first. You will eventually stop at some point and realize that you have gone through it.

There is not one person on the earth that exist without sins, but if we know that is a sin and we still commit it, then we are sinners and we seriously have to repent soon. Some sins are addictive and hard to put them into a stop but just try it and try it until it becomes your habit to stop doing sins. I hope this article will bring blessings to all of us.

This topic is excerpted from sermon of Senior Ps. Juan Mogi.

Credit: Google Images

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