Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers – Pluit, North Jakarta

It’s been weeks for me since my last cafe hoping with my bff. Sometimes, people like me needs some chillax and me time after almost two weeks of doing quite an exhausting yet satisfying project. After spending some of my time alone, I asked my bff to accompany me to a coffee shop that opened like at the end of 2015 and it located near my house but I never bothered to come by until last Saturday. It’s called Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers. From the outside, the logo and that tosca colored wall looks very stylish and contemporary.


The parking lot wasn’t quite big enough, but you could park at the next building. Stepping at the front door, I saw white mosaic tiles which has the Ottoman’s name on it in black tiles. Sorry guys, I missed taking picture of this one. When we got inside, there was this plant beside the path from the front door that leads to the stairs, but if you turn left, you’ll get into the seating area. The seating area was divided into two parts, outdoor and indoor area. Outdoor area was intended for smokers. There were only two set of tables outside, yeah, it’s quite small for outdoor area. For the indoor area, there was this high table by the window with three chairs, three seats by the counters. and the rest were like around 7 tables. So, it’s not that big and the coffee shop is only on the first floor, the second floor was a barbershop. There was this sparks in me because the coffee shop was not crowded. The room temperature was quite comfortable too despite the cold weather outside because it just rained so hard earlier that day.


Before we got seated, we ordered one cup of hot cappuccino, one bottle of cold-pressed juice, and one portion of croque madame. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this place, so we were busy with taking picture here and there. After several months of doing this cafe hoping, our embarrassment were almost gone, it’s like we were taking picture in our own house. Good thing my bff was so determined in developing our photography skills so I was like pumped up every time I’m doing this with him. Okay, back to topic.

My bff said that their cappuccino latte was good but it’s not something mind-blowing, just an okay thing in a super cute and colorful cup. He expected nothing, so it’s not like a bad thing, there should be a room for improvement.


The second beverage was a bottle of cold press juice. It was mango flavored juice. I really liked the bottle and the design, it’s totally look modern and so stylish in some way. The taste was so mango. I ordered this since I couldn’t get the orange one. I will comeback later for that.


The croque madam was the highlight of the day. When it came, the presentation of the food was just so basic, but when i started to move the egg, it became runny and I love that. It came with bacon and mozzarella in the bread. I sliced it and when i put it in my mouth, the taste was heavenly, seriously. The bread was so soft yet tasty, I love it. the bacon was good and the melted mozzarella cheese was the boom, seriously it was so fragrant. I’ve never tasted this kind of mozzarella even it’s not there in 5 star hotels. It’s that good, maybe it’s imported.


After this visit, I will definitely come back later for some food and cold pressed juice. Beside that, this coffee shop often do collaboration with others such as Common Grounds Coffee Takeover, Oui Desserts, etc. So, it’s exciting to have something new every several weeks. Totally a must visit coffee shop in North Jakarta.

“Love is a plate of quality time, a cup of constructive words, and a glass of sweet smiles.” – Andrew Wiradinata, 2016.

Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara No. 119, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta
+62 21 6678121
7 am to 7 pm

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata.

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