HOLYWINGS – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

It’s almost 8pm but me and my friends wanted to chill down, relax, and have some good drinks after rampaging Shao Kao at PIK. One of my friend knew a new and hip place where we could have all that. It’s Holywings. Actually, this place was quite famous and became a topic back then because they invited quite big singers like Raisa, Tompi, etc. But I didn’t have time to go there.

We arrived at Holywings at 8pm and it’s quite packed with people from wide range of ages; teenagers to late adults who are enjoying drinks, dinner, smoking, and music. It’s not your typical bars with headbanging songs, more like lounge. As I entered the place, I felt quite comfortable despite the smokes. Yes, you could smoke indoor. I hated smokes. The room temperature wasn’t too cold or too warm, it was perfect. The downside was the lights were all warm yellow and for me I didn’t like it because it was not great for photography. There were like plants scattered around the place, well, it was a good decoration for the daylight but when it’s quite dark like that night, it’s not a beautiful thing too have. There were several types of seats available: low table with sofas, standard dining table, and seats by the bars. When we arrived, the band was just starting to tune their musical instruments and did soundcheck. Straight to the menu.



Besides alcoholic drink, there were milkshakes, fruit-flavored iced tea, Italian sodas, etc. Some of my friends drank beers, others didn’t. Because the place was named Holywings, we expected some great wings. So, we ordered this 18 pieces salted eggs wings (around 99k) which didn’t look attractive at all but I managed to take some pictures of them though. So, honestly the wings are good and i love the salted egg sauce but there’s something missing there. It didn’t make me drool over the second portion. Besides, I thought why the wings were so small. I expected something more juicier and bigger because it’s Holywings. It’s 6/10 for the wings.




Actually, there were this sales promotions girls went around to offer some new margaritas. I knew they were just working but I really didn’t like it because I felt terribly disturbed by only their presence not to mention that I was touched. I hate to be touched by strangers, seriously. Maybe it’s better if the one who offered the margarita were the Holywings employee, it would be more appropriate for me. It’s different for everyone else I think, so it’s just my opinion. =)

It’s a pity the band wasn’t playing that early on Saturday night but our time was up so maybe someday I would like to visit this place in the afternoon instead of Saturday night, just to get the different vibe.

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B No. 52-56, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
+62 29704981 ext. 459
4 pm to 4am

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata.

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