BC’s Cone – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Jakarta was hotter than ever on previous Sunday. I mean you could literally felt the sun burning up your skin and that wasn’t nice at all. If I’m not mistaken, it was around 2pm. Because of the unfriendly weather, me and my BFF decided to hang out at the dessert cafe called BC’s Cone to chill ourself. I knew it’s not a new dessert cafe, but better late than never, right? We were lucky to be able to park just outside the cafe. PIK were so crowded at that time. I just couldn’t stop complaining about the traffic there. It’s getting worse.


Anyway, we managed to get seats by the window. The sun blasted directly through the glass but we had to sit there just because taking a good photograph needs more natural light. This cafe has two sections, the front section, which has more lights and hotter, and the back section, which is way cooler but darker. There were some graffitis on the walls and it gave some simple minimalistic feel of a glass house because some part of the wall and the floor were covered with synthetic grass carpet. The furniture looked very contemporary. It looked refreshing despite the heat.



The waitress gave us the menu. Sorry to say, for professional purposes, they need to reprint the menu because some part of them was torn and taped. We picked BC’s Black Noodle (40k), Crispy Pork Belly with Sambal Matah (55k), a plate of cheese fries (35k-ish), a glass of Kiwi Mojito (28k), a bottle of Ferrero Coaster (30k). We waited like 10 minutes for the drink and 20 minutes for the food.


Although refreshing, the kiwi mojito was kind of bland, you needed to add some sugar. Despite that, I love the glass, look how cool the glass is. It bends a little. Lol.


Ferrero Coaster; as good as it sounds. I liked how they managed to make this one not too sweet but still you could taste the milk and chocolate well. I also loved how they put some melted chocolate and some almond at the top of the glass bottle just to make it pretty and tasty. Overall, this one was good.


The crispy pork belly with sambal matah finally came. It was totally mouthwatering, right? I mean who doesn’t love sambal matah; fragrant and spicy. For me the sambal matah was the highlight of the day. Although the pork belly wasn’t as crispy as how it sounded, it was very tender and delicious. It only needed to be crispier.


BC’s black noodle, which was squid ink noodle, came in a pretty little bowl with round wooden tray with blue stripe. I loved how they managed to make it prettier just by adding the tray. You could choose the spiciness from level 1 until 15. My BFF chose a level 5 spiciness but after I tried it, it was very on point. The noodle wasn’t too soft, the taste was just perfect. The Karaage was good and tender too, but after we ate them all, the oil stain at the bottom of the bowl was terrifying.




Because of the plates we asked had a pretty color, i decided to play as a food decorator. I managed to play with the squid ink noodle, karaage, sambal matah, and made it french version. Lol. Pardon me for my love for green.


The cheese fries were fried well but the sauce was actually kind of bland. I mean, I thought it would come with real baked melted cheese, but it was only accompanied by mayo and cheese sauce. Because it was 35k fries, I couldn’t complain any further.



After we ate them all, we ordered a cup of Colorful Tower Ice Cream (55k). Basically it was quite a tall ice cream with 5 flavors with green tea waffle cone. The flavors were thai milk coffee, matcha soy, french earl grey, strawberry rose, taro dan black cheesecake. I really loved the french earl grey and the strawberry rose. The thai milk coffee had a strong taste compared to the others, so it would cover all other taste, if mixed. This one melted too fast, seriously. They need to work on the ingredients to improve it.


Basically, I loved this place, but they need to add more air conditioners on the front section of the cafe to encounter the heat. Food wise, they were really above average especially the savory menu. I think i will be back for more sambal matah. Lol.

BC’s Cone
Ruko Crown Golf, Jl. Marina Indah Raya Blok B2 No. 2, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021 98871097
11 am to 11 pm

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata

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