[Relocated] Simetri Coffee Roasters- Puri Kembangan, Jakarta

Did you guys know there was this coffee shop that became a sensation in Puri area? It was called Simetri and it was located at a housing complex in Puri. The place was so small and always full packed. Me and my bff went there once earlier this year and left the place just because it was totally full. I saw a lot of pictures in Instagram that made me so excited to visit this place. It’s not only about the coffee but the photogenic breakfast.





That day, me and my bff were in Puri area for some business so we dropped off to the old location of Simetri, but there was this paper sign that told us that it was relocated to Puri Kembangan Raya. Fortunately, we asked the parking officer and he directed us to the new location. I was taken a back when they chose an office-like building instead of a house because when you change the building concept, the whole concept might change too. So, I didn’t know what is better than the homey concept they offered us back then. as soon as we entered the place, we only saw a machine that used to be shown in the outer area of the old location and the stairs. Soon, we knew that the coffee shop is on the second floor. As we made our way upstairs, there was this sticker at the stairs that says home. I was immediately starting to fall in love with this place.





We saw a beautiful coffee machine and rows of cakes available. The menu was written beautifully on woods kind of material, totally love it. The concept of this place was minimalistic, I liked it. We ordered a cup of green tea latte (38k; my regular safe bet) and a cup of their cold brew coffee (17k; one day promotion). For the breakfast, we shared a plate of egg benedict (60k). Truthfully, that day I wasn’t expecting anything at all, like I just wanted to know how good they were.





We could see there are indoor section and outdoor section. Indoor section is spacier and colder than the outside area, but somewhat darker. They had this large windows so the indoor area didn’t use any lamp at daytime, good thought. We went outside and sat at the table near the balcony. They utilized fans so we didn’t have any sweat even in the hot weather.





The menu took around 10-15 minutes to come. It’s totally alright for us because we also spent time to take the outdoor and indoor section photo. My bff was so silent that day, I wondered what made him that way, I tried to convinced him that he could talk to me about anything, I asked him thrice but he said nothing. I wanted to make him happy, really. I tried to cheer him up but I think I failed, hence I hoped that the drink and the food could make him somewhat in a better mood.



The cold brew coffee came. As it sat on the table, it already looked as it wanted to be captured already, so photogenic. After the first sip, my bff said it was too sour. He didn’t like this kind of coffee. Unfortunately, this didn’t lift up his mood.



Along with the cold brew coffee, my green tea latte was also arrived at our table. From the first look, I already knew that they used too much milk and my guess was right, the green tea latte was too blend for my taste. I need a more concentrated green tea latte with less milk and more green tea. The latte art was not good either. I hoped that they could fix this in the future.






At last, the egg benedict sat beautifully on the table. I loved how the egg looked with all the sauces and the greens. I had a good feeling about this menu and I was right. The bread was totally amazing. the egg was also totally great with all those sauces. We were willing to pay 60k for such a great food. Do we need one more portion, yeah we want more of it but we have to visit another place, so we didn’t order anymore.




I thought this little cup was so cute, so I took a lot of photos with it. Bottomline, We will be back for more great food or just to chill out.

Simetri Coffee Roasters
Jl. Puri Kembangan Raya No. 10D, Puri Indah, Jakarta
021 22590296
8 am to 7 pm

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata

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