Do I have any Best Friends ?

“When your best friend loves you, the way they talk about you will be different. You will feel safe and comfortable when you are with him.”

Everyone knows that we, human, are a social being. We need someone to accompany us all our life. There are always some people whom you consider as friends. Moreover from all friends that you have already had, there are several people whom you consider as best friends. You are lucky if you have several best friends, some of us might only have one or two best friends. You can’t regard someone as your best friends that easy. It needs proofs and approval from the other person whom you considered best friends.

“One bud of flower could be my garden; one best friend could be my whole world.” – Leo Buscaglia

If they never say anything about what you mean to them, they might be too shy to state that (which i never understand why?) or they consider you as just another friend. Do you feel stupid if they do that? YES. TOTALLY STUPID. Everything needs to be declared; even friendships. You can’t hope we could be psychic to know what’s untold.

People might ask what do you need to improve a closer friendship to the next level? Well, all you need to do is be there for them when they need you, pay more attention to what they need and feel, make sure you want them to always go forward in a right path. Best friend doesn’t need you to pay back for what they’ve done for you right away, but honestly, they just want your attention; lots of it, trust me.

“When your best friend loves you, the way they talk to and about you will be different. You will feel safe and comfortable when you are with him.”

Can you regard someone who never chat you up or talk to you as your best friend? HELL NO. Best friends always need daily connections to fill them up either in the digital world or in the real world. When you fail to do so, you will feel distant and in longer time if you don’t fix it, they will be just your friend again. You need to maintain it every day until you don’t want it anymore, until you feel it’s enough.

“Don’t walk behind me because I can’t guide you, don’t walk in front of me because maybe I couldn’t follow your pace, but walk beside me and be the best one of my best friends.” – anonymous.

The thing about friendship is one of them always love the other more. If in time, they couldn’t prove to the other that they mean the same way, believe me they will feel unneeded and stupid. Do they make a  wrong choice to leave that unappreciative one? HELL NO! they made the right choice. It’s the same as love, if it’s only one hand that claps, it won’t make sound. Do you ever wait for someone whom you consider as best friend to chat you up but they never do it? Why do we have to be the one who starts the conversations most of the time? Why? Because you’re too STUPID to think that they would regard you as best friend.

“The fact is everyone in this world will hurt you but you only need one best friend who makes you feel worthy to get by with.”

Do you ever meet someone who regards you as best friend only when he/she needs something from you? Well, i assure you, you don’t need that kind of person ever because they might only hurt you. Someday, you might need to check your list of friends; who are the true ones and who are the pretenders. Someone wise said that you might have hundred of friends but you can count your best friends on your two hands.

“True Best Friend is the one who laugh when your jokes aren’t funny and the one who sympathize when your problem isn’t that hard to handle.” – Arnold H. Glassgow

Do you guys feel stupid enough already? Lol. In the end, it’s all up to you. If that best friend only makes you feel stupid, please leave them for your sake. You are created to be loved, not to be hurt. I wish you guys had best friend who will be there for you when you need them, who will hug you when you are sad, who will tell you “Stop crying, I’m here now.”



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