Sainé Daise Bistro – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

There was no restaurant in PIK that could grab my attention until this Saine Daise came into the food scene at PIK. I always love something french. I’ve tried many french restaurants at South Jakarta but I haven’t seen any in North. So, this place instantly moved up to the top of my trip list. There were hundred of pictures about this place that spread all over Instagram, but I will tell my own experience. Saine Daise was located just beside the Legend of Noodle at PIK. You would never find this place if you search low, because Saine Daise is located at the second floor. There is a cake store called EIO on the first floor. So, you might as well search for the EIO golden sign instead of Saine Daise.



I asked my favorite person to accompany me on the previous Saturday. We arrived before 11 am, so the door was still closed. We arrived earlier because we want to capture the best thing without having to capture the crowd but I was wrong. There were already some people upstairs and all of the table in the classy decorated indoor section was full booked. Apparently there were some different events held there, so we have to sit at the balcony. When it was almost 12, I found the balcony was quite hot because of the sun. We were quite taken aback when the waitress turned on the blower, it was like i’m at Puncak. It was quite cool, not the air conditioner cold but more kind of convenient cold. Cooler than fan if you want to know about it. So, we were quite happy just because of the blower.



The waitress handed us the menu. I was personally feel unsatisfied the design of the menu and the poor condition of the menu book. The menu book of a french fusion restaurant shouldn’t be just something printed and had soft cover but something better looking. Besides, the condition of the book was quite saddening, they SHOULD reprint the menu.


The price was generally the same as the other french restaurants, if not cheaper. We asked for one portion of Gyu Don (115k), one pan seared chicken with chopped kombu and cream spaghetti (80k), deep fried chicken skin with asian dip (40k). For the drink, we ordered a glass of Cuddles on the beach and a glass of Nojito. We also called in a plate of Valrhona Chocolate Mousse for the desserts because we heard about a lot of people praised EIO for their desserts. We waited like only 10 mins for the drinks to come and around 20 mins for the food.

The nojito came into our table and we tasted it. It was refreshing, the kiwi was not too sour and the juice was not too sweet either. They gave a lot of kiwi slices so I like it very much.


Then my cuddles on the beach was arrived in such a beautiful glass. From the appearance, it looked like they only give a small amount of fruit and its juice but as I drink it, I realized, that was quite a lot of berries in the juice hence I loved it so much. I could come again just to drink this one.



As we were enjoying capturing photos from many angles, the Gyu Don came and sat gracefully on the table. It looks like this one is quite delicious from its looks. After we took our first spoon of this menu, we felt like it was too blend and needed stronger sauce somewhere. The meat was actually quite chewy. We also thought they used too much spring onions. they could improve it in the future.



The pan seared chicken with chopped kombu and cream spaghetti had a really strong flavor and taste. The flavor was really good but according to my bff, they’ve gone overboard with the sauce, it was too heavy. Overall, it’s not a bad menu. In the future, I hope they could improve it somehow.



We thought that the deep fried chicken skin with asian dip could be much less oily and it had to be crispier. They need to give more sauce in order to make this chicken skin more pleasant to eat.


We ordered Valrhona Chocolate Mousse for the desserts. The gourmet kind of decoration really took our attention. It was really photogenic. This cake was the savior of the day. It was really amazing to taste such a good textured cake. Not too sweet, not too blend either. It’s perfect.



We could comeback for the drinks because it’s refreshing and somewhat affordable compared to the other french restaurants; but not for the food. We thought the food was overpriced, it was not worth it compared to the taste. I hope they could improve the menu somehow in the future.


We also captured a few photos of the beautiful EIO.





I love the interior design of Sainé Daise Bistro and EIO. Totally luxurious.

Sainé Daise Bistro
Jln. Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA , Pantai Indah Kapuk , North Jakarta 14460
11 am to 11 pm

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata

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