The Cup Rice & Noodle – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

It was a holiday and the day was so beautiful. Bright sun shone upon us and the sky was blue like those in the pictures. A picture of a perfect day. That day, I had a plan in the early morning and the rest of the day was time for culinary trip. I made a plan with my BFF for the rest of the day. He suggested that we should try The Cup, a Korean restaurant in PIK. I have never been there, but he said it was never wrong to try new things. Hence, we proceeded to go there. The Cup is located on the same row of buildings as Sumoboo, Tim Ho Wan, etc. It was not hard to find this place, you could find a banner with their menu outside of the outlet.


As we entered the place, I felt like so good because they had this very clean and light room fragrant which I seldom find anywhere even at a high end restaurants. The second thing was because the sun was so bright and the weather was hot, we really enjoyed the cool air inside The Cup. The interior were dominated by white and green-colored furniture with a little touch of wood’s pattern here and there. It’s not a restaurant that want to emphasize its interior but more of a family and cozy atmosphere. You can also watching Korean programs and hearing K-pop sounds in this outlet. I’m a huge fan of K-pop, so I was delighted.



We were seated by the window because that was the only place with the natural lights. The waitress handed us the menu and the menu book was rigid. I like this kind of restaurants who invests more on their menu book. So we ordered a plate of kimchi fried rice with ham (55k), Sweet Dak Gangjeong (68k), Japchae Noodle (85k), and two cups of regular tea. The drink comes in the first ten minutes, then we have to wait around another 15 mins for the other menus to come altogether. It’s not very long for us because we were so into the capturing things.





First, the kimchi fried rice with ham is somehow good, but I didn’t like the kimchi because it gives certain sourness to the fried rice. The ham was really good, I always love ham. I wish they could be my everyday meals. It was served in a tall bowl which was so cool, because I’ve never seen such things until that day. I wish I could snatched the bowl and brought it home with me. Sneaky me, LOL.


The sweet dak gangjeong (sort of fried boneless chicken bites that was covered in sweet BBQ sauce) tasted really really good. It might be too sweet for some people, but for me it’s fine. Actually, I prefer if the size of the chicken meat would be bigger, like a karaage. They need to make it crispier. Besides, the portion was quite big so we loved it very much. It’s even enough for three persons.



One word for the japchae noodle, UH-Mazing!! The noodle was cooked perfectly. Besides, all of those things that was put into the japchae noodle was totally good. I have no complain on this one but i’d rather praise it for being so tasty.





We didn’t have a chance to taste the desserts, maybe if we could come again into this place, we would try it. It’s a casual dining and a really cozy place to dine with your friends or families.

The Cup
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 50, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021 – 29704981 ext:815
11 am to 11 pm

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata

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