Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen – Plaza Festival, Kuningan, Jakarta

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for like months now since it opened a while ago but me and my BFF had been prioritizing other places according to the situations we had on those days. I remembered it was rainy at Kemang and we decided to drive to this place which is not very far from the previous destinations. The place is called Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen. I bet everyone of you had known it or maybe had visited it even, but I want to share my experience when I came to this place.



So, we parked in the basement because all of the parking lots in front of this place were filled with cars. It’s not very hard to park your car here. This coffee shop was located around the parking lots, so it’s very convenient. Actually, from the first time we arrived, we was like, why the coffee shop actually looked smaller from the pictures that we had seen before. But, truthfully, it’s beautiful from the outside. I wish i could stop all the cars, stop all people from coming in or going out, and take as many photos as we want. Okay, i will stop thinking crazily. I loved how they decorated the entrance with big chalkboards and lucky cat golden logo. The logo is kinda foxy, i mean it’s not a cat. Don’t you guys agree?



As soon as we entered the coffee shop, there was this waitress that welcomed us and pointed us where vacant seats were. This coffee shop has two floors. the first one is full of big tables, the second floor is full of small tables and long bar tables. The smoking room is on the front part of the second floor but there’s no smoke smells in the second floor either because there’s this door that split the second floor into two parts, smoking and non-smoking room. Fortunately, we got to sit at the second floor near the balcony, so it was like almost the perfect spot to capture everything, literally everything.  The room was somehow in perfect temperature, just cool enough. FYI, this coffee shop opens 24/7, how cool is that?!




I love how they managed to built this building with a tree inside it, so COOL!! Not to mention the almost transparent roof, beautiful. The furniture was somewhat woody and modern but has a little vintage vibe to it too. I could literally sit here for hours without feeling bored, just to have quality time with my BFF; from small talk to massive topics.



Beware, because the place would always be packed, don’t come in rush hours such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.







We ordered a bright flat white coffee (35k), a bottle of orange juice (35k-ish, I don’t know why I love orange juice lately, I’ve never even ordered orange juice before), a portion of salmon and black olive spaghetti (69k). It took just like 15 mins for all of our order to come into our table.


The orange juice was perfect, not too sweet or sour. Somehow, it’s just a perfect taste for me. There would be much more photogenic, if there were this well-designed transparent labels covering the bottles. Much more classy. The flat white coffee tasted bright, not too heavy. I think they could make a better latte art, used a prettier cup, but it’s okay.



The hero of the day was the salmon and black olive spaghetti. Honestly, i’ve never tasted spaghetti this good before, like i’m not even joking. This coffee shop ain’t a joke, it could somehow becomes well known not for only the atmosphere and the beverages, but also the food. The spaghetti was perfect and the seasoning was amazing. The most worth it ’69k’ all my life.  Salmon meat was very tender, well-seasoned, and no fishy smell. I wish I could try their other menu, but we were very full that day. So, we stopped the eating part.

I hope we could visit this place again in the future to try other menu; we have to.

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Plaza Festival, South Parking, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta
021 – 52961475
24 hours / 7 days

All of the photos are mine, so if you want to use it please give a clear credit. If you want to check my other photos, you can visit my Instagram: @andrewwiradinata

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