Please Forgive Me

I wrote this song for my mother, the only one who will never disappoint me.

Suddenly, I want someone to embrace me,
My body is so tired but this heavy heart makes me can’t sleep at night,
Suddenly, I’m thinking of home,
because I’m like a stray bird who flew away from your house.

Although this world will offer you many amazing things,
but I feel the warmest thing was my mother’s smile,
After all this time, I finally embolden myself to call you,
On the telephone, I can smell the flavor of happiness in your voice


You tell me to take care of my health,
your loving voice shake up my world so violently,
Wave of guilt rushed through my body,
Tears come rolling down and I swear this longing feeling could kill me right now

Too many hopes, too many disappointments, too many dreams come altogether,
because I’m not there by your side all this time,
too many forgiveness you’ve given but there’ll always be pain left in this heart,
There must be much worries surfaced when you are thinking to me, forgive me

Please wait for me, I will be back,
I promise I will bring you happiness,
Please wait just a little more,
I promise I will return home soon.

I wrote this song for my mother, the only one who will never disappoint me.

The inspiration came from a song called 妈妈的牵挂 by Wang Bo Wen, this song truly stirred some deep feeling inside me hence I wrote this poem.

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