The Poem: I Can’t Unlove You

I am dedicating this poem for girls and boys who has problems with unrequited love. A problem that is so personal that sometimes kills you from inside. Been there, done that guys. So here it is:

I always think of you when I listen to any love songs
I want you to know my feelings through songs but the messages just don’t get through
Do you know how happy I am when I see you looking at me?
Do you know I just want to hold you and never let go?

Do you ever know I always watch you from behind, how you flirt with other people?
Do you ever realize that for every touch you gave them, it added a scar into my heart?
This sick feeling inside my heart couldn’t lie that I had something for you
But I can’t unlove you

I might not be your muse
I might not be your everything
But there is still flickering hope that we could be more than what we were
And I still can’t unlove you

Don’t you know how many times I tried to ignore you, to forget you, to erase you from my memories?
Countless times

But each time you call my name, it seems like all those efforts are gone just like that
Because you are unerasable.


Let’s hope for the best for our life! Cheers!

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