Doctor Strange – Movie Review (No Spoiler)

“You think you know how the world works. You think this material universe is all there is. What if I told you the reality you know is one of many?” – The Ancient One

This morning, an email popped up and I saw that Doctor Strange will be shown at the cinema starting tonight. The email made me totally happy because I planned to watch this for a long time. My last movie was a superhero kind of movie but it was already like three or four months ago since I watched it. Yesterday, I went to the cinema near my neighborhood. Surprisingly, the theater was not full at all, many vacant seats were available to be taken except they were not. I mean this is a freaking Marvel movie. Who doesn’t watch Marvel?


As the name suggests, the superhero is a doctor, real doctor that excels in neurology and a fantastic neuro-surgeon. You will see why I praised his medical skills in the movie. The character, Doctor Stephen Strange, was played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This was why I watched it in the first place, his acting skills was outstanding and he proved it in this movie. The other casts such as Rachel McAdams who played as Christine and Tilda Swinton who played as The Ancient One, showed a great acting skills in this movie. The funny thing was you will see many hilarious scenes. Benedict Cumberbatch was a real perfect guy to portray doctor Strange. Who is Doctor Strange? Doctor Strange is a sorcerer supreme that protects the world from the danger of mystical dimensions; while Avengers are protecting the world from the threat of physical dimension.


These were things that really caught me while I was watching it:

Visual Effect – Eye Candies



I believe I have never found super mesmerizing visual effects than everything in this movie. This was total eye candies. The way the buildings were split and the way the doctor traveled the dimensions made me dropped my jaw.


The fire sparks, light whips, and invincible sword effect were executed perfectly. I realized they used pattern here like in kaleidoscope kind of thing which is very well designed. I would give it a 8.5 out of 10 points for the visual effects.

Not for Children

This movie was not created for children, seriously. I had a hard time listening and deciphering the sentences. It was quite hard to digest the sentences.

Beside the hard one, I loved the beautiful sentences that were used here, I will give you a rough example of the sentences, because clearly I couldn’t memorize them all, so here it is:

“You think you know how the world works. You think this material universe is all there is. What if I told you the reality you know is one of many?”

“You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You’ve spent your life trying to widen it. When you know there is a possibility to widen it, you are not accepting the possibility.”

“You can’t fight the current but you can make it your power.”

or as simple as,”It’s not about your hands, but it’s about your mind.”

Those sentences were only part of the whole philosophical experiences that I got from this movie. I loved it.

Emotional Messages

There are some messages from this movie but the most vivid one was you should not be arrogant whoever you are. Arrogant people will someday fall down into one point when he got nothing but his pride. No one wants that, right? Doctor Strange is a arrogant doctor, he chooses his patient and rejects patients that were begging for him and the most embarassing thing was that the patient he rejected twice was the one who latter helped him in finding Kamar-Taj. Before getting accepted by Kamar-Taj, Doctor Strange has nothing, literally nothing except his Jaeger Lecoultre and it was eventually broken too. Hence, don’t be arrogant, even if you are the man who has everything in this world, because nothing is forever.

Lots of Funny Scenes

Actually, this movie has a lot funny scenes. So, Doctor Strange’s  character liked to kind of blurting “useless” words. I mean he liked suddenly blurting out this sentence to the master Wong, who was kind of ancient looking, “Give me the book, Beyoncé! Wait, what? You don’t know Beyoncé” and suddenly the master Wong started to listen to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

The moment Doctor Strange was received as the student of the temple, Kamar-Taj in Nepal. One of the Master showed his bedroom and gave him a small paper that consisted of only one word (Shambala, Kumbala, or something). Doctor Strange  was thinking that maybe this was a mantra to be spoken, but the funny thing, that was a wifi password. The audience laughed at this silly scene.

I was like these jokes was so out of nowhere but it was succeeded in making the audiences laugh. There are many more short and “useless” sentences in this movie. Great job you scriptwriter. Lol.

Post-Credit Scene

Yes, there is a post credit scene with Doctor Strange and one other hero. Don’t get up from your seat before you watch this scene. I know you guys are waiting for this one right. The story here will be somehow connected to another big movie. I missed the last post-credit scene and I was so mad.

Overall, I really loved this movie. I would give a 8.5 out of 10 for this movie. Totally worth watching. Don’t forget to watch the movie for complete story.

Credit: Joblo, srcdn, blogspot, Amazonaws, Vox-cdn

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