Oetara Coffee – Muara Karang, North Jakarta

Two days after the November 4th incident, scary news are everywhere through messaging apps. We were encouraged not to go out of the house that day but I heard from my friends that they had been to several areas in my neighborhood just to eat or have fun, hence I realized that everything had been settled and it was a great time to go on a trip again. To anticipate any dangerous events here and there, I was planning a short trip around my neighborhood.

I asked my bff to accompany me to go to this new hip coffee shop at Muara Karang. It’s called Oetara. It’s a new opened coffee shop in North Jakarta. Actually, I think the name Oetara was inspired by the Indonesian word Utara. It’s a cool name, I like it.


The first time I stepped into this place, I felt like I was getting into the someone’s house because the front part of the house has the fence and canopy. I like the furniture color, interior design, and staff’s politeness. The interior was actually really simple. There are many kind of seats in this shop; the low, middle, and high table seats.


I found some of their seats were comfortable while the seats that stuck on the wall was totally uncomfortable because the cushion was so hard. So I recommend you to find grey chairs. That’s the most comfortable one.


I love small flowers in the vase. So artistic and beautiful.


The outdoor area was totally photogenic place. White low round table with clean texture, perfect table for flat lay photos.


The baristas were friendly youngsters who has a great manners, I always love good hospitality. The place was totally full of stylish kids and families in Sunday afternoon. We were like weird boys with cameras but we don’t really care because we were having fun on our own. Nowadays, I feel like there is nothing to be ashamed of for being bloggers/photographers. Some people might stared with frown or even laugh at us, but I think they did that because they envy us. Okay, I will stop now and talk about the drinks.

Because of his gastric problems, my bff wasn’t ordering coffee but instead he ordered a cup of banana chocolate smoothies (40k) and I ordered a hot Chai Tea Latte (38k) and carrot cold pressed juice (35k). Honestly, I was intrigued by the name because I didn’t know what it was and I was ready to taste it. My bff said that the banana chocolate smoothies was okay. The texture was weird and the presentation was very disturbing for a long session of photography. So, you might as well consider other drink.

The hot chai latte was somehow intriguing. I mean it’s a tea latte but with spices. The strongest hint of spices that I get was kind of ginger, it’s like drinking spicy milk tea. It was not bad at all. A perfect drink for rainy season. The latte art was good enough and I think they could make more beautiful latte art. Last but not least, the carrot cold pressed juice. It was refreshing drink but if you find it too plain, you could ask for sugar. I like mine plain without sugar.


So, basically it’s a great place to chat and hangout, a great place to be captured, but I think they need to improve their menu. Maybe we will comeback sometimes in the future to try their food. Cheers!

Oetara Coffee
Jl. Muara Karang Raya A6 No. 225, Muara Karang, Jakarta (Across B Steak Muara Karang)
6pm to 11.59pm

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