Kedai Abnormal – Muara Karang, North Jakarta

It’s Sunday afternoon and we were just having chit chat over coffee and photoshoot session at coffee shop near my neighborhood. We wanted to have something for dinner but not really main courses but maybe in smaller scale like dim sum or something like that. Speaking of dim sum, my bff knew a place near our neighborhood that served dim sum and the fact that it’s not a Chinese restaurant intrigued me. Hence, we went to the place called Kedai Abnormal. Don’t mistake this chain for Warunk Upnormal, it’s a different place with different owners. It’s located at Muara Karang Raya across B Steak. It’s  not that easy to find but you can always look for container kind of thing with black paint.


The first impression I got was this place will serve something like Indomie and Ropang, but dim sum? I mean even some of the five stars hotels chef couldn’t make a great dim sum, how can this small chain make a great dim sum. I set the expectation at my lowest standard. I didn’t hope to eat anything good here but because it’s inexpensive then it’s okay.

We ordered one shrimp dumplings, one chicken siu mai, one fried shrimp rolls with seaweed, one fried shrimp dumplings with mayonnaise, one serving of toasted bread with ham and egg, and two plates of fried Indomie. All of the prices were around 10k-ish.


The dimsum is actually better than my expectation but the one that won our heart was the chicken siu mai. It tasted amazingly good, I mean for restaurant like this, the siu mai was beyond my wildest expectation. The only downside of the chicken siu mai was it took us like 15 minutes wait for that one portion, I don’t even know why they cook it for so long.


We also kind of liked the toasted bread too because of its balanced flavor.


The Indomie was good as usual.


We were actually quite surprised when the menu came because we didn’t realized that we order so many menu but since my bff was quite hungry, we could eat them all. When the bill came we were surprised because it costed us for only 100k-ish. We were definitely comeback to try other menu.

Kedai Abnormal
Jl. Muara Karang Raya A6 No. 225, Muara Karang, Jakarta (Across B Steak Muara Karang)

6pm to 11.59pm

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