Twenty Something: Hampa

Hai, namaku Nick. Aku seorang kutu buku berkacamata dengan gaya berpakaian cukup trendy. Aku bukan seorang yang percaya diri, bukan seorang pemberani, bukan seorang yang tampan, dan bukan seorang yang jenius. Aku menyadari ternyata aku bukan siapa-siapa dan aku pun tidak punya siapa-siapa.

Kalau boleh dikatakan, hidupku sangat hampa. Rasa sepi ini terkadang bangun dari tidurnya dan mulai menggangguku dengan bisikan-bisikannya. Ia selalu meracuniku dengan kalimat-kalimat yang membuatku mempertanyakan kemana semua orang yang menyayangiku, kemana mereka saat kuperlukan?

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Gyros Alley – Panglima Polim, Melawai, South Jakarta

It’s been a long time that I’ve wanted to visit this place. Some months ago, my bff wanted to eat middle eastern kind of food, so we found that from the restaurant lists, there was a restaurant that stood up because the design of the outlet was so beautiful and it looked like it was inspired from Santorini. We were like so excited, so after months of procrastinating, we did visit this restaurant like week ago. I know this was not a new establishment, but I think it’s still worthy of being reviewed even after all this time.


So, it’s actually not very far from Senayan area. It was located at Panglima Polim, Melawai area. It’s quite far from where we lived, so it took us a long time to clear up the schedule to come here. It’s not that hard to find because there was this blue circle sign beside the road and big kebab neon box there.


From the front, I could see why the door was the favorite spot to take an ootd photos. The door was beautiful, blue, the floor was also made from Santorini-alike stones. There were this beautiful hanging lamps and pink flowers that made a perfect addition to the settings. We also couldn’t rest to take photos even before we went into the restaurant because it’s that beautiful.


We went there at almost 12pm but it’s not that crowded yet, so we could choose where we want to be seated. The first floor was so dark and it’s bad for capturing photos, so we requested to be seated on the balcony of the second floor just so we could the best natural lights.

We ordered a plate of Mediterranean Lamb Fried Rice (58k), one plate of falafel (45k), and one plate of Gyros Chicken Souvlaki (55k). For the drinks, we ordered a glass of Mango Kefir Lassies (35k) and a bottle of ginger lemon Kombucha (45k).


The mediterranean lamb fried rice was quite good and worth it. Not to mention the portion is big, the chef was also being generous of giving us many chopped lamb meats and we were totally digging it so much. The lamb meat was quite tender and the rice was well cooked.  Although, it was a little bit sour for our taste.


Falafel was fritter balls of chickpeas mixed with green herbs served with tzadziki sauce. We thought it was something like meatballs, so we tried it. In the end, we couldn’t even finish it because it wouldn’t match our palate. Sorry, I just couldn’t chew it for more than three seconds even with the sauce because the smell and weird taste. so, make sure you think twice before ordering this one.


The Gyros Chicken Souvlaki was the star of the day. The chicken meat was really good and it was well-marinated and cooked. The pita bread was totally my favorite. It was not hard to chew and has a hint of sweetness in it.  I will totally order this one if I ever come here again. This is a must-try menu from Gyros.


Kefir lassies was cultured fermented milk with enzym and friendly microorganism that will help you in balancing your digestive system. The taste was totally like mango smoothies and we liked it very much. They said kombucha was refreshing fermented organic herbal tea. We ordered ginger lemon, so the taste was a bit too sour for our palate and it had kind of soda taste to it. It’s refreshing though. If you like light sour drinks, go for this one.


It’s a nice experience to be able to taste a middle eastern food in this town. I mean it wouldn’t be your everyday meal. We seldom find ourselves craving for this kind of menu but it could be a fine choice if you are bored with american, european, chinese, and indonesian food. They should do more promotions and twist the taste so it would fit better to Indonesian people’s palate.

Gyros Alley
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 8, Melawai, South Jakarta
021 7269877
11am to 11pm (Closed on Monday)

Mental & Emotional Corner: 8 Signs You are a Lazy Person

“Laziness is sickness to success.” -Jonathan Celestin

I felt blessed this Sunday because I didn’t just get to listen to a great sermon but I’d rather acknowledged it as teaching about a way of life. This week theme was laziness, it’s aftermath, and the solutions. We will always have to face our own laziness for lifetime, It would be a lifetime battle inside your own self. I have never found any human who never dealt with laziness. It’s actually a common thing. Today i will write more about laziness.

LAZY |  la·zy  \ˈlā-zē\
The quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness:

From the definition itself, we could directly understand that it was not a positive word. According to researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University, lazy person is a sign that he/she has high intelligence. Well, it could be the only thing you would be proud of from having habit of being lazy. Although you are a brainer, without hard work or physical activities, it could lead to sedentary lifestyle. Being a couch potato is not cool and it can’t buy you a Ferrari or even an iPhone 7. If you have this kind of lifestyle, maybe it’s time to wake up from your daydream unless you are already a billionaire with huge passive income. Even then, no billionaire had this lifestyle. So, wake up!

8 signs that you are a lazy person:

Takes a long time to do something habitually
When you have the habit of doing something and it takes significantly more time than anybody else, there are chances that you are a lazy person. I mean if you are told to do something, you will do it almost immediately, but it takes unreasonably long time to finish the task. Maybe you are scrolling down through your Instagram timeline in the middle of making presentation materials.

When you are given tasks at hand, you will probably do it at the last day or last minute. Just because you don’t want to do it, not because you don’t have time for it, you have plenty of them. So, if this one happened to you, beware!

Likes to break promises
Breaking promise is a sensitive topic. Nobody likes when the other one breaks the promises they have made together. People will trust you less the next time you make promise with them. I know sometimes you can’t control some conditions that force you to break promises, but if the reasons are logical, believe me they will want to keep the promises by moving the date to future time.

Likes to sleep
Sleeping might be the thing that all human needs but when you have long sleeping duration, you might be a lazy person. You want to sleep all the time, not because you need sleeping but because you love the feeling of not doing anything.

This one might be a little subjective. A passive person doesn’t always mean he’s a lazy person, but maybe he’s just shy. This shy person might be more diligent than any of us. Just look at them from their works. In my opinion, a passive person is someone who don’t want to do anything about the task, he’s just taking anything for granted and let anything past just like that without any sign of doing any effort.

Don’t have the desire for self-development
Lazy people just don’t want to grow, they are comfortable with their current condition and without any harsh condition, they wouldn’t waste their time for self-development. We always have to be the better version of us. Small changes everyday will turn into big changes in years. So, keep digging what’s your talent and do something about it for your own good.

They like to boss around while they are doing nothing. Lazy persons like to assign everyone with their tasks, but they wouldn’t do anything to follow up or help them in any way possible. Leaders give tasks but they will manage each of the member to give their best for the task, while lazy person don’t mind what the outcome would be.

Likes reasoning
Lazy people like to give thousand reasons on anything they wouldn’t do or they just want to avoid any responsibilities that will given to them because they are just being lazy. If the reasoning is logical then people will accept them, but if not, he’s just lazy.

“Lazy Persons won’t deserve any kind of success, unless they change.”

He.Brews Coffee Corner – Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta

It was a fine Saturday morning, I was wondering where should I go this weekend. Suddenly, my phone vibrated and it’s from my high school Line group. Wondering what that was about, I opened my phone and one of my high school friend asked us all to meet because it’s been months since we last saw each other. We wanted to caught up with the latest news from each other, so we decided to meet up. I suggested a place where I have been wanting to go all this time, but I just didn’t have that opportunity, He.Brews Coffee Corner. As the name suggests, it was located in the corner and it was in line with Dapur Cokelat Bakery so you couldn’t miss that.


We arrived at 10.15 am and the coffee shop was quite deserted. From the first impression, I liked this place so much. The natural lights flew in like no other coffee shop I had visited before, this was totally perfect place for photography. Despite all the sunlights that made its way in, the room temperature was cool; perfect temperature. The coffee shop located on the first floor along with chapter nine boutique.


The second floor and the third floor was occupied with dentist etc. If you want to sit here for hours, come early and choose the sofa because it felt so comfortable sitting there. The place also has this outdoor area for smokers but I didn’t see anyone there, maybe just because of the hot weather.


Besides, I love their table colors and all. So I managed to capture a lot of their tables and chairs. Lol. pardon me.


We ordered two cups of latte (40k), one cup of café mocha (45k), one cup of matcha latte (35k), and one glass of iced honey lemon yakult (45k). It took 10-15 minutes for all the drinks to come but because of the excitement in our conversations, we just didn’t realize we wait for 15 minutes. There was only two baristas when we come and they act as the waiter and cashier, so we pardoned them.


The latte fit my friends’ palate, so she said it was quite good.


My other friend said the café mocha is okay too, no complain.


As for my matcha latte, it was the best one after Kopium. The matcha was thick and the sweetness was perfect, two thumbs up.


The iced honey lemon yakult, nobody knows my love for those three things (honey, lemon, and yakult), and it was served in one freaking glass. I felt I could fly into heaven, okay stop with the  nonsense. I felt like the strongest flavor was yakult and I barely could taste the lemon and honey. Despite the ‘absence’ of those two things, it’s a great drink. Perfect sweetness too. I liked it very much and I might as well order it again the next time I come. Not to mention, it came in a such a big tall glass. A great way to refresh my thirst.


I just love to capture the flowers here. By the way, my friend brought some board game and we played until we were tired of laughing and I was sorry for people who came there for solitude just because we were to loud. Haha.


Actually, they served some savory menu too like fish and chips, etc, but we just didn’t want to eat, so maybe on the next visit i will try them. For me, the baristas need to be friendlier, I mean most of baristas nowadays are greeting and saying goodbye to their customers. It’s not an act to respect but it is to show the warmth welcoming atmosphere that every shop needs. Don’t you guys agree with me?

He.Brews Coffee Corner
Ruko The Plaza, Blok 9AA, Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
0878 88618819
9am to 9pm