Portafilter Artisan Coffee – Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta

I always love Christmas decorations that can be seen everywhere in malls, eatery, or even coffee shop. I wanted to capture the Christmas decorations but I don’t want it to be captured in a mall, but in a coffee shop. After some time researching on my friends’ Instagram stories. I found there was this new coffee shop in Kelapa Gading that looked so spacious and the most important thing, the decorations are amazingly dense. What a delightful news for me. The name is Portafilter. I bet you guys all have heard or seen it, but I’ve just got the chance to visit it this Christmas.


The place is not that visible from the road because the place was like a little lower than the road, so we almost missed it. It had a lot of parking spaces compared to other coffee shops and I liked that. When we first entered the shop, we were like so captivated with the Christmas decorations and all the toys that were all around the shop. I was so happy that it means I could take more photos. For the sitting area, there is the big indoor area with quite a cool temperature and the outdoor site which is there for the smokers. The natural lights flowed in from the most side of the shop so we could really take in all those natural lights for the photography.


We ordered one cup of hot cappuccino(35k), a cup of hot green tea latte (35k), and a plate of Ovomaltine Torte (40k).


The green tea latte was not creamy enough so the latte art was deteriorating so fast that we had a hard time capturing it because it’s not that beautiful anymore. Take notes, every time you want to capture your latte art in a long time, tell the barista to make it much creamier so the latte art would stay longer without the bubbles. Taste wise, It’s just another green tea latte. It was not thick at all and I don’t like it honestly. I prefer the thick and more concentrated green tea latte.


The cappuccino was like the ordinary cappuccino everywhere and it didn’t give off special taste or something more. The previous problem also persisted in this drink too. So, beware!


Ovomaltine Torte has a unique texture to it. It’s kind of more dense that the usual cake and it has Ovomaltine flavor too. The topping was the shredded chocolate. Honestly, I prefer the melted chocolate over it.

There is still room for improvement, I hope the best for them.

Jl. Pegangsaan Dua, RT.5/RW.2, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta 14250
021 4528526
8am to 10pm 

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